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Karma to Release Security-Focused Hotspot Device in September

Karma Mobility, a Wi-Fi hotspot manufacturer, is gearing up to unveil the newest model under its KarmaGo line. Called the Karma Black, this device is being marketed as a security-focused product that will bring a number of features to its user. Among these include an integrated VPN, ad blocking, black listing, and anonymous browsing support through Tor.

What does this mean for its customers?

With the rampant threat of malware and identity theft, using this device can be a big help for users with a strict demand for security. The device encrypts the user's web activity, adds protection against malware and invasive advertising, hides your identity and physical location, and many other things.

As of this writing, the full extent of Karma Black has not yet been revealed since the company intends to make the device available in September. In addition to that, the hardware specs and pricing are still unavailable. But for existing KarmaGo customers, the company has something like a trade-in offer available for those who want to get the new product.

The creation of Karma Black serves some sort of an answer to the recent ruling of the US Senate to eliminate FCC regulations preventing Internet providers from selling their customers' information to advertisers and other companies. With the vote completed at 50 to 48, the Senate will be eradicating these user protections in lieu of allowing surfing patterns to be distributed to the highest bidders.

With Karma Black in place, you can give yourself a level of security so you do not have to worry about using public internet anywhere you go.

This product is something Karma has been working on for the past few months. As September draws nearer, Karma will be releasing more information about the product as well as its partner services and application. The hardware upgrade program will also be announced soon so that the current KarmaGo customers may start enjoying the features Black presents.

Karma offers "no contract" data rates that keep surfing costs at bay. You can choose from Karma Drift or Pulse to buy data fitting to what you need.

Source: LinkedIn, Techcrunch

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  1. Karma isn't a company to trust, they've changed their plans so many times its hard to take them seriously.

    1. There are lots of reasons not to trust a company. But "changes their plans" is real low on my list of what goes wrong with a carrier. Unless you mean "changes their plans and shafts those on existing plans"?

      That could be a breaking of trust....

  2. Step right up and spread up wide to watch the amazing Karma houdini make your money disappear where the sun don't shine.

  3. Neverstop, never forget!

  4. I have bad memories about karma since the never stop fiasco. What a poor way to foresee possible problems with offering unlimited plans.

  5. Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, I'm a Karma customer.

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