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Page Plus $69.95 Plan Now Includes "Unlimited" High Speed LTE Data

TracFone owned Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular has given their $69.95 plan "unlimited" high speed LTE data. The plan used to come with 10 GB of high speed data followed by unlimited data throttled to 64 kbps.  As always with unlimited mobile data plans, there are limits. Page Plus' terms and conditions state that tethering and hotspot are not allowed and that Page Plus can cancel your account, shut off your data access or throttle your data speeds if you use abnormally large amounts of data compared with other Page Plus customers.

In addition to unlimited high speed data, the $69.95 plan also includes unlimited domestic voice calls and messaging, unlimited international SMS and a $10/month international call credit. Service is on the Verizon native network with free off-network SMS roaming and voice roaming available at 20¢/minute.

Page Plus also increased the amount of high speed data included with its $55 plan from 8 GB to 10 GB per month. Here's the new Page Plus Plan line up:

  • $69.95/month ($64 with auto refill) - unlimited talk and messaging, unlimited high spreed data
  • $55/month ($50 with auto refill) - unlimited talk and messaging, unlimited data throttled to 64 kbps after 10 GB 
  • $39.95/month ($36 with auto refill) - unlimited talk and messaging, unlimited data throttled to 64 kbps after 3 GB 
  • $29.95/month ($27 with auto refill) - 1500 minutes, unlimited messaging, unlimited data throttled to 64 kbps after 1 GB
  • $12/month ($10 with auto refill) - 250 minutes, 250 SMS or MMS, 10 MB data. Non-LTE phones only
  • Pay As You GO - minimum top up $10 every 120 days, 4¢-10¢/min, 5¢SMS or MMS, 10¢/MB. Non-LTE phones only.

For more about Page Plus see our Page Plus Operator Profile

Source: Page Plus Cellular


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  1. Didn't TracFone get sued and fined in the past for advertising unlimited data plans that weren't unlimited?

    1. Yes, they were they were ordered by the FCC to refund $40 million to the users they terminated or throttled.

      See FTC Orders Straight Talk, NET10, Simple Mobile and Telcel America to Refund $40 Million to Users Whose Data Was Throttled or Cut Off | Prepaid Phone News .

      But that was under the previous administration, the new administration seems less willing to go after businesses.

  2. With Verizon capping video at 480p/720p on unlimited now, let's see how long this lasts.

  3. The last adminstration had over-regulation which forced so many businesses to fire people and go offshore.

    The current administration looks the other way when violations occur. I guess there is no happy medium.

  4. Excited WirelesserAugust 22, 2017 at 2:44 PM

    We see that even the big four Range from 22 to 32 gigs for what they consider acceptable data usage before they throttle, what is that magic number for P+?

    1. Only one way to find out.

      Someone has to take one for the team.

  5. Excited WirelesserAugust 22, 2017 at 3:13 PM

    So then Verizon charges $80 plus taxes and fees and P+ charges $64, almost $20 less a month.

    Is this still throttled to 5 mbps like all Verizon MVNO?

    1. I believe that the Verizon throttle is gone on TracFone brands. Of course they could always bring it back. See Some Verizon MVNO Subscribers Are Enjoying Unthrottled LTE Speeds Right Now | Prepaid Phone News

  6. Junk. Uncompetitive and just a nuisance of an "offering." Then TF's buggy billing system that loses account values, and randomly eats your phone number. All with a bonus nuisance of Carlos Slim[e].

  7. In other words, its unlimited, and capped, at the same time.
    The miracle of America Movil.

  8. What is data speeds? Verizon Prepaid is throttled and deprioritized so bad the data is useless in my area. I suspect the same will be true of other MVNOs riding on the same as well.

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