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Sprint and AT&T Waive Fees for Calls and Text Made to Barcelona

There is no justification behind the recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona, Spain. And despite this devastation, we stand together with the lives lost and victimized by this tragedy.

In its part, Sprint and AT&T have announced they will be waiving fees to make calls and send text messages to Barcelona, Spain. This includes Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers who use their devices to communicate with their loved ones in Barcelona.

Sprint has also waived any roaming fees on voice and text messages for Sprint subscribers traveling through the area.

AT&T is also following this move by waiving fees for calls to Barcelona on both wireless and landline customers. SMS charges will also be waived for wireless customers.

As announced, the fees will be waived by both providers until Saturday, August 19, 2017.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. Very nice gesture in such a sad time.

  2. Headline should say "Fees" instead of "Fess".

  3. No sympathy from money hungry big red...geez.

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