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AT&T Launches Website to Help Find Your Loved Ones in Puerto Rico

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Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last Thursday and has since devastated the nation and its residents. Meteorologists have described the damage as a "50- to 60-mile-wide tornado" that ravaged the island like a buzz saw. It has also been referred to as the fifth-strongest storm to ever hit the US with at least six people killed and catastrophic damage with 80 to 90 percent of homes completely destroyed.

The entire island currently does not have any electricity and sources believe it could stay that way for a few months. Not to mention, cell service has been wiped out on the island. A report showed that Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rossell├│ even struggled to get in touch with his parents.

AT&T, in an effort to help reunite families affected by the damages brought about by Hurricane Irma and Maria in Puerto Rico, has set up a website with this regard. The website, www.att.com/mariaupdate, allows anyone stateside to register the cell phone number of an AT&T wireless customer in Puerto Rico. The website allows anyone to do this, regardless of carrier.

Once the cell phone number has been registered, AT&T's network will wait when the registered phone connects to it. The Puerto Rico-based customer will be notified by AT&T that their family and friends in the U.S. have been trying to get in touch with them. In addition to this, the person who registered the cell phone will be receiving an email notifying them once additional service has been restored in Puerto Rico.

According to AT&T Communications CEO John Donovan, "Critical help has been arriving this weekend and more is on the way." He was among the passengers on board a relief flight to San Juan to assess the extent of damages and formulate recovery plans. The initial flights also carried personnel, bottled water, food supplies, and over 20 generators to help restore communications on the island. Satellite devices were also brought in to the hardest hit areas, to support first responders. Hundreds more of these devices are on the way, along with more communications equipment and supplies.

Apart from setting up the website, AT&T has announced that it will be automatically issuing credits and waiving additional fees from Sept. 20 through Sept. 29. This way, AT&T Wireless customers have access to unlimited data, talk and texts; while AT&T Prepaid customers have access to unlimited talk and texts throughout Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Payment dates for affected AT&T Prepaid customers with voice and text service has also been extended through Sept. 29th.

Read more about AT&T's storm efforts through their live blog.

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  1. Thanks to ATT for stepping up.

  2. No one will have electricity without generators for how many months?

    AT&T says "Free service.....for NINE DAYS??" To a majority of people who have no access to power or generators as help is slowly arriving due to so many still helping Texas & Florida recover from recent Hurricanes.

    Another worthless publicity stunt. But thanks for letting us know about att. How does one pay their att bill after the free "9" days are up on Sept 29th?

    1. The food, water, generators, and satellite radios aren't "worthless". If AT&T can't get cell service restored by the 29th, perhaps they'll continue to extend service credits. At any rate, there isn't a single contract or terms of service that won't have a force majeure waiver included, for instance:


      so technically, they aren't obligated to do a single thing. I understand corporate skepticism and cynicism, but the people that are critically exposed right now will probably take whatever help they can get.

    2. Re: "at-t-uses-in-force-MANURE-clause"

      How does att & others justify charging ANYTHING to customers (contract or not) when THEY HAVE NO REASONABLE ACCESS TO POWER AND CELL PHONE TOWERS?.....WAY BEYOND SEPTEMBER 29TH.
      What executive thinks it is reasonable to charge PR customers full contract prices after September 29th given the total devastation they've suffered as they continue to have cellular signals down except for a few locations they must travel to by boat or by foot? (force-MANURE-clause or not)

      As was stated above, generators & (cough) satellite radios(one-per-1000 people?)...(not too many so far...) are SLOWLY coming in.

      Thank you PREPAID NEWS for continuing to keep us informed on what the top cell phone carriers are doing to help the hurricane ravaged island of Puerto Rico.....& other islands/areas affected by the recent storm activity.

  3. It isn't just the power that's out, most cell towers are down too. So AT&T service is free because there is no service.

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