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Boost Mobile Brings Back 2 For $50 3GB Family Plan Offer for Port Ins

boost-mobile 2 for $50 3gb family plan
Starting September 8, Boost Mobile will be running a limited-time promotion. Under this offer, you can get two new lines of service for only $50 with 3GB of data as long as 1 line makes the switch to Boost. There is also an option to add up to 5 extra lines for $25 per line.

What does the $50 plan include? It contains all the same plan inclusions as the one you'd find on Boost's Family Plans. In addition to 3GB of high-speed data and unlimited 2G data, you'll also get unlimited talk and text. Hotspot for Hotspot capable devices are also included.

Other things included (per line) are:
  • Unlimited nationwide voice service on Sprint network with 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming (on roaming capable devices)
  • 3GB of High Speed Data inclusive of music streaming on iHeart Radio, 8Tracks, Pandora, Slacker Radio, and Samsung Milk Music
  • Unlimited call waiting, voicemail, 3-way calling
  • Unlimited nationwide text messaging, picture, audio, and video messaging
  • Free incoming domestic calls and text for barred customers (up to 60 days)

If you decide to add more lines, you'll have to pay for these:
  • 2 lines = $50
  • 3 lines = $75
  • 4 lines = $100
  • 5 lines = $125

Considering each account is linked to a Family Group, the discount promotion for the plan also increases:
  • Line 1: $50 (no discount)
  • Line 2: (no discount) = 2 lines for $50
  • Line 3: ($25 discount) = 3 lines for $75
  • Line 4: ($25 discount) = 4 lines for $100
  • Line 5: ($25 discount) = 5 lines for $125

Since this promotion targets switchers, existing Boost Mobile customers are not eligible for the offer. Additionally, the promotional Family Plan may not be combined with the other Boost Family Plans. Every line should also be on the 2 for $50 3GB Family promotional plan.

There is an option to combine this plan with the Q4 Boost Mobile Device Discount Promotion on any line.

This promotion runs from September 8 through November 2, 2017. As the source is a Boost master dealer, I believe that the offer is only available at Boost dealers, not online or through national retailers like Target, Best Buy or Walmart.

Source: CTWDistribution


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  1. are taxes included on this? the secret 5gb tmobile plane is only 30.60 with callingmart so I am not sure it's a great deal.

    1. Taxes are included with all Boost monthly and daily plans starting Sept. 8.

    2. You better catch that T mobile deal before it flies away. ;)

  2. Data-free streaming music also includes Spotify now. https://www.boostmobile.com/#!/shop/plans/data-free-music/

    1. On Boost, in most places, "data free streaming" has an entirely different meaning: attempting to stream and there is no data coverage.


  3. Can someone please put Sprint out of everyone's misery?

    1. If you said that can someone put Sprint out of its misery, fine, but why do you say "out of our misery"?

      What is Sprint doing to us that is causing us pain and turmoil?

    2. They are causing themselves pain and turmoil. Junk.

  4. "What is Sprint doing to us that is causing us pain and turmoil"

    Not me. Nothing painful at all. Except maybe from when my sides split with laughter at all their monkeyshines and hijinx and jackanapes.

  5. Sprint has caused ALL of us pain and turmoil by fooling ALL of us in to activating service over and over again giving them chance after chance year after year on their mvnos just to find out that they still suck after all this time

  6. also after we activate we have the pain and turmoil for the next thirty days bc we believed that their Network was improved bc of marketing and it only got worse... so yes please put EVERYONE out of their misery and close up Sprint

  7. I use iphone 7 on boost unlimited buy 1 month get 1 month free plan... I constantly get 100mb download in denver metro area, So I don't see how having the fastest data speed on earth is misery but to each there own LOL

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