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Cricket Unlimited 2 Data Plan Now $50 With Auto Pay

AT&T's Cricket Wireless today made single lines of its $55/month Unlimited 2 plan eligible for a $5 auto pay discount. That makes the plan's price $50 with auto pay. The Unlimited 2 plan includes unlimited voice minutes, messaging and data. That "unlimited" data actually comes with a number of limits; data speeds are limited to 3 mbps, video streaming to 1.5 mbps and hotspot is prohibited. After 22 GB data is subject to deprioritization. If you can't live with 3 mbps, or 1.5 mbps video, Cricket offers another unlimited plan for $60 ($55 with autopay) that has 8 mbps data, including for video, although still no hotspot.

Both of Cricket's unlimited plans include unlimited texts to 38 countries, unlimited calling and messaging to Mexico and Canada and roaming in Canada and Mexico. 50% of use must be in the US.

Here are all of Cricket's current plans:
  • $25/month (no auto pay discount) - unlimited US voice and SMS, no data, for feature phones and BYOP only
  • $30/month (no auto pay discount) - unlimited US voice, messaging and data, first 1 GB at 8 mbps, hotspot not available
  • $40/month ($35 with auto pay) - unlimited US voice, messaging and data, first 4 GB at 8 mbps, hotspot not available
  • $50/month ($45 with auto pay) - unlimited US, Canada and Mexico voice, messaging and data, first 8 GB at 8 mbps, roaming in Canada and Mexico, unlimited international SMS, hotspot available for $10/month extra
  • $55/month ($50 with auto pay) - unlimited US, Canada and Mexico voice, messaging and 3 mbps data, roaming in Canada and Mexico, unlimited international SMS, hotspot not available
  • $60/month ($55 with auto pay) - unlimited US, Canada and Mexico voice, messaging and 8 mbps speed data, roaming in Canada and Mexico, unlimited international SMS, hotspot not available
If you have multiple lines, Cricket offers what's probably the best multi-line discount of any prepaid operator:
  • Two lines get a $10/month discount (a $5 per line saving) 
  • Three lines gets a $30/month discount (a $10 per line saving) 
  • Four lines gets a $60/month discount (a $15 per line saving)
  • Five line gets a $100/month discount (a $20 per line saving). 
The multi-line discounts are only available on plans priced at $40 and up. All lines do not have to be on the same plan. The multi-line and auto pay discounts can not be combined.

Cricket plan prices include all taxes and government imposed fees so enrolling in auto pay doesn't subject the user to additional taxes as it does with some carriers. Allowing auto pay on the $55 plan amounts to a $5 price cut. 

With or without auto pay the unlimited 2 plan is the least expensive "unlimited" data plan available on the AT&T network, assuming the 3 mbps throttle doesn't bother you . Some users notice the 3 mbps throttle, particularly with videos and multi-player gaming, but many don't.



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  1. Anybody know how cricket speeds compare to net10/TracFone at&t byop Sim?

  2. Since it's 1.5mb for videos, including DIRECTVNow I'll stick with 8mb.

  3. Oh boy, here comes the 3mbit squeeze. Same high price, but even slower service. Meanwhile metro and boost still have unthrottled service with tethering. Cricket is a complete joke of a service. You guys hear about all the new fees too? Chirp chirp.

    1. You aren't telling the whole story. This Cricket plan will give you 3mb in most places. MetroPCS will give you 0mb in that huge section... a third of the country... that Cricket still gives you 3 mb in.

      It's far worse with Boost. The vast majority of the US has no Sprint data at all. Cricket's 3 mb might seem sluggish but it smokes the 0 mb Sprint-based Boost provides in most places.
      Even at 3 mb, Cricket is still much better than Boost for sure.

      Well, for those who need data. If you don't need to use data, Boost is great.

    2. What if that person lives and travels in an area that has excellent Sprint/TMobile service, I do.

  4. IMHO, Cricket became uncompetitive with Metro about 18 months ago. A good start for them would be to end the restrictions since they don't need them with a draconian 3 mbps throttle.

    1. Metro? What metro? Coverage is king, as Big Red knows and charges exorbitantly for.

    2. I'm waiting for metro to ever become competitive with Cricket. The coverage is still way behind.

      Maybe in 2019 when T-Mobile completes its expansion....

    3. I'm not, by the time their coverage is good they will slap a 3 throttle on it too. Then I will have to switch to boost in 2019.

  5. Wow...one line for $50 and just posted Boost has two lines for $50!

    1. Let me know when "Really-Needs-a-" Boost has 10 lines for $10, and I might consider it.

  6. "Some users notice the 3 mbps throttle, particularly with videos and multi-player gaming, but many don't."

    Bandwidth intensive applications are literally the only reason to use LTE.

    But if they're throttling everyone down to 3G anyway, it makes you wonder why they even bothered with 4G and 5G in the first place.

    Manufacturers need to nip this shit in the bud before it gets worse.

    Otherwise, one of their top selling points (blazing fast LTE speeds) will become moot.

    It won't be long before we regress right back into the dark ages of using flip phones while our wifi-based daily drivers stay home.

    After all, if carriers are allowed to get away with this, then shit tier LTE speeds will completely destroy the app and smartphone markets.

    1. I think it is already happening. I for one have stopped buying flagships since the network infrastructure is not there to support them. A large form factor flip might be the phone of the future since its three inch screen will be ideal for viewing low resolution video "optimized" future 5G phone plan. The big manufacturers must be livid with the big two for allowing this to happen. I am looking at you AT$T and Verizon.

    2. I'd be happy if T-Mobile went to 3 Mbps all over.

      ...it'd be better on average than the 8 Mbps I find in some places and the 0.10 mpbs I find everywhere else.

    3. I use TMO because they are the only carrier that can accommodate 4k video in my area. If they throttled to a 3 mbps garbage tier I would dump them in a heartbeat. I usually get around 35 mbps from them now. This is 2017 not 2007.

    4. Just curious what device and service you are using for 4K video? Is it really so much better on a small phone? Just asking...

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