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Lycamobile Announces More Data and Lower Prices

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New changes have been made on some of Lycamobile's plans.

Earlier today, the T-Mobile MVNO announced a number of things lined up for its customers. The first is that they have increased data allotment on a couple of plans. In addition, they have lowered the cost of another plan by $5 per month.

The MVNO has also announced a new payment scheme for service plans with a Recovery Fee, and the addition of more countries for unlimited international calls and texts.

In more detail, the changes are:

Increased Data Allotment

The two plans that the MVNO has increased data allotment are the $35 and $45 plans. The changes to these plans include the following:

  • $35 - from 4GB to 5GB of high speed data
  • $45 - from 5GB to 7GB of high speed data

Lowered Plan Cost

The other change that was announced today is for the $55 unlimited 4G LTE data plan. Instead of a $55 charge, the MVNO has lowered the cost of the plan to just $50 per month. This still includes the same features-- unlimited talk and text, and unlimited 4G LTE data plan.

Recovery Fee

Lycamobile customers can also enjoy paying for their service at the end of the monthly cycle. The MVNO has added a 5% Recovery Fee applicable to the cost of the plan when airtime is purchased directly from them and combined with auto pay. If the airtime is purchased from a dealer, the fee is a $1 per top up. 

More Countries Added

The last announcement made by the MVNO today is that customers under the $35, $45, and $49 per month plans may now make unlimited international calls and texts to over 60 countries instead of the original 30 countries. For a list of the included countries, visit their website

And for a limited time, you can purchase 4 months of service under the $50 plan for the cost of only 3 months. That's huge savings for you!

Source: PrepaidMobilePhoneReviews


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  1. MetroPCS gives you more for the money, and includes roaming, hotspot and tethering, free data for music streaming, good family/multi-line discounts and taxes/fees in their prices. Better customer service, too. Lyca includes limited voice roaming and multi-line discounts only on plans $45 and up.

    1. Lyca gives free int'l talk and text which IS add-on for MetroPCS

    2. You mean because there is the 2 lines for $75 dollars UDP?
      But I do think that this is the cheapest SINGLE line UDP, but you have to buy 3 months at a time, which is $150, so pay $150 for 4 months.
      So to each their own.

    3. It's "for a limited time." 3 months at a time will only be ONE time. This is the Lyca way.

  2. That savings is 25%, that indeed is a huge savings.

    Are there any other single line UDP for $37.5?

    Is taxes and fees included or not included?
    And the limit is set to gow many mbps?
    And after how many gigs will they consider prioritizing? 23 or 32? ATT and VW do between 22-23 gigs while TMO does 32 gigs, I do believe.

  3. Has anybody heard from the "Junk" guy recently? I hope he's OK.

    1. Ewwww what are you trying to say?

    2. Is he the same as the "throw it in the trash guy"? And whatever happened to the "secret plan" secret agent?

    3. Oh dear! Hope they are not based in the southeast where all the water/wind is....

    4. "Oh dear! Hope they are not based in the southeast where all the water/wind is...."

      Trash guy here, and I think if sarcastically mocking the dead, destitute and beleaguered is A-OK, this blog should just do away with the pretense of moderating comments.

      After all, if you or members of your family are homeless or dead because an unavoidable disaster destroyed your house and everything in it, I'd say that's as good a reason as any to not be commenting on a phone blog alongside a bunch of preening concern trolls.

      On the other hand, if you think grandma getting run over by a gale force storm surge is funny, then I know just where all of you belong.

  4. MetroPCS is also TMobile and is cheaper w more features and flat price w no tax or fees.

    1. "Ewwww what are you trying to say?"

      You are thinking of the package guy.

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