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Tucows Acquires Otono’s Roam Mobility

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Tucows, the parent company of Ting, has announced that it has acquired Roam Mobility, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) operated by Otono Networks. Roam Mobility offers prepaid roaming replacement plans designed for mobile users traveling to the United States, and also Snowbird plans for Canadian users visiting America in winter. The MVNO is also on the same countrywide GSM network used by Ting. Despite the acquisition deal, there will be no changes customers of either Roam Mobility or Ting.

Apart from Roam Mobility, two other mobile brands from Otono Networks are also acquired by Tucows -- ZIP SIM and AlwaysOnline Wireless (AOW). ZIM SIM is targeted towards international travelers visiting the United States, especially those looking to get quickly connected while in America. As for AOW, it is one of the first eSIM-enabled providers in the world, offering on-demand LTE plans for hotspots and tablets that can be used in more than 90 countries across the globe.

As part of the deal, Tucows will also be striking a partnership with Otono Networks, specifically in the area of eSIM enablement. Tucows’ plan is to take full advantage of the Otono Platform (a cloud-based platform for eSIM-enable handsets) in order to further expand device support for its Ting brand. With eSIMs, customers can pick from a wider range of wireless connections and switch between mobile networks on their tablets and even wearable devices. According to the official release, Ting is looking to make more announcements regarding eSIM support later this year.

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  1. "The MVNO is also on the same countrywide GSM network used by Ting."

    Which would be T-Mobile.

    Back in the day, Roam's website was more informative than T-Mobile itself about the MNO's UMTS 1900 markets. They had a nice list going.

  2. What I think of Tucows, I think of their download site which is riddled with malware.

    I mean not the actual applications but that the company tries to force you to download malware as a specific policy every time you try and download something else.

    1. I haven't used Tucows download site in at least 20 years, but I just tried it to see if it was as bad as you say.

      I downloaded two apps and got the apps and nothing else. No download manager nonsense, just a straight browser download. There weren't even any prompts to download anything else.

    2. Maybe they got a lot of feedback and fixed it. I remember C-Net having the same problem.

  3. E-sims are a crapshoot.

    They have some great uses, but I'm betting the cons will grow and fester until they outweigh the pros.

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