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Virgin Mobile Unveils Details on Inner Circle Member Benefits

Earlier today, Virgin Mobile announced that Inner Circle plan members may get more valuable Member Benefits from merchants they have partnered with. All it takes is to subscribe to the wireless carrier's iPhone exclusive plan, which comes with unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data.

As announced by the CEO of the wireless carrier, the new Member Benefits program acts as a substitute for the previous Virgin Perks program; which will be ending tomorrow. The good thing about this new program is that it doesn't require its participants to earn points or even wait for a particular day of the week to be able to use the rewards (*cough, cough* T-Mobile).

With Member Benefits, users have the ability to opt for an offer that best fits their interests. Virgin Mobile has partnered with a number of well-known brands in industries related to travel, fashion, food, entertainment, wine, music, gifts, and many more.

This month's rewards include the following:
  • Bombfell - Get $35 credit upon registration
  • Booking.com - Get $60 back when you spend $200 or more
  • Car2Go - Free registration and $15 in account credit
  • Fandango - Buy one, get one free movie ticket
  • Fossil - Get 20% off total purchase
  • Giftagram - Get 20% off all gifts
  • Gobble - One week worth of free meals delivered to your door
  • H&M - Get 20% off on one item
  • Hulu - Free 45-day trial of Hulu Limited commercials Plan
  • Indochino - Buy a custom-tailored men's suit for only $359
  • J. Crew Factory - Get 15% off total purchase
  • Sofar Sounds - Book instantly to attend any Sofar show
  • Turo - Get $50 off first car rental and $25 off on second trip
  • Virgin Hotels - Get 25% off on room charge
  • Virgin Wines - Purchase 15 bottles of wine for only $59.99
The wireless carrier has also promised to grow the selection once the program expands. Not to mention, they will be promoting offers from the other brands under the Virgin family of companies.

Apart from rewards, Virgin Mobile's Inner Circle Member Benefits include contests and sweepstakes for each one to join. This October, they are offering a contest where they will be giving up to 90 Inner Circle members a chance to win two tickets to one of the nine JAY-Z concerts happening throughout the country.

Another contest to look out for in October is the weekly sweepstakes where you can win tickets from AEG to concerts in major cities. There's also a chance to win tickets, hotel accommodation, and a meet-and-greet with Betty Who at Virgin Hotels Chicago.

You can be eligible to receive Member Benefits as soon as you sign up for Inner Circle. And that starts with buying an iPhone from Virgin Mobile's website or an Apple store. Or if you already have your own iPhone, you can activate it on the Inner Circle plan so you can become a member.

The Inner Circle plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data for $50 per month.

Source: Virgin Mobile USA


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  1. i just unlocked my Walmart iPhone 5s and dumped straight talk. i just ported my number over to virgin and got my free year of service. next i will get the 15 bottles of wine for $60. so far so good!

    1. You could have simply purchased Franzia wine in a box at $3.10/bottle & not have any oxidation problems with opening a bottle & having flavor go flat in the fridge. AND not be stuck on Sprint...good luck with Virgin when leaving the suburbs on a road trip. LOL!

      I recommend you purchase (as a backup) a TracFone on Verizon network over at Home Shopping Network for better cell coverage on the road. Usually u can find a phone with a whole year service for $59 - $99 (price of phone included).

  2. Junk. Throw it in the trash.

  3. Wow impressed you were able to get a Straight Talk iPhone unlocked!

  4. i unlocked the 5s after 13 months. no problems from straight talk

  5. Still not interested.

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