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We've Been Calling the iPhone 8 the Wrong Name All Along!

So as it turns out, we've all been wrong to assume that Apple's next flagship smartphone will be called the iPhone 8. As revealed by an article on Dutch site iCulture, it turns out that this year's Apple device will be called the iPhone X (read as iPhone 10). Another iPhone 8 smartphone is reportedly in the works but it's not the flagship model we've all been waiting for. A 'reliable source' of the website has described the iPhone X as a bezel-less device. This same source was the one who correctly revealed information about the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

This is actually the first time we're hearing about the iPhone X so it's recommended to take the report with a grain of salt. If anything, sources have been clear about this year's flagship iPhone device to be an iconic model-- one that would not follow the usual naming scheme that Apple implements on its devices every year. Since this year marks the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, it's only understandable why Apple is keen on giving this year's device a different name.

When the year started, there were some theories that Apple would be calling this year's model as the iPhone "Edition" or the iPhone X. But for some reason, many stuck to the iPhone 8 idea and kept calling the device as that. Although there's no guarantee that Apple will be calling the device as iPhone X, iCulture's report clarifies that Apple is working on a different iPhone 8 model. The iPhone Edition name is also a possibility.

Apart from the iPhone X, Apple is expected to announce a couple of other iPhone models. Unlike the iPhone X, however, they do not come with bezel-less displays. On other reports, these models have been referred to as the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus. With iCulture's report, however, they are the ones to carry the iPhone 8 branding.

iCulture's report also points to a September 15 date when pre-orders will start being accepted. Deliveries will then follow on September 22. Since those dates are still a few weeks away, we should have a definite idea of the new iPhone model's official name by then.

Source: TheNextWeb

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  1. Oh great now the iphone 7 will probably be in my price range

    1. I'm still holding out for a deal on the 6s. Need me a headphone jack!

  2. Are you boys ready for the iPhone Xtreme?!

    It's ten times more radical than all the other iPhones combined!

    After all, coolness is just a measure of how many X's you have in your name!

    We've all known that since the 80s!

    Now open those wallets, pull out those credit cards, and spend $1000+ from your rent, mortgage or kids' college fund on a tiny trinket that'll be obsolete by this time next year!

    It's all happening on FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY in less than two weeks from now!

    Can you dig it?!

    1. "Are you boys ready for the iPhone Xtreme?!"

      Not if doesn't have band 71 and 66

    2. On top of that, IOS is crude, limited, and unprofessional in some ways, still. Just connect it to a desktop, and the only files you can see to work with are the photos. Really... in this day and age???

      That's a major step down from Android, where it is super easy and intuitive to work with any files.

    3. iPhone 8 (aka iPhone X) in 512-GB version for only $1400.

      That's just $58/month for 24 months on auto pay.
      Whadda deal!
      But as previously noted above, does it have Band 71 & 66?
      Can you link it with monitor to use as a desktop computer?
      Augmented reality camera is nice, but are we ready for that yet?

  3. "Are you boys ready for the iPhone Xtreme?"

    No thanks. Samsung went extreme a year ago. And really made headlines with it. It was too much excitement for me, however.

  4. It's def good marketing to call all 3 models iPhone 8, since the 2 "not-very-special" iPhone 8s are really iPhone 7S Models(think small iPhone 7S and big iPhone 7S Plus). This new and radically different iPhone X or iPhone Edition or iPhone Whatever We Call It-It Is The Special Model will truly be noticed considering the top notched bezel-less design. It looks fantastic though, so much screen space and no Home Button, truly H2O & Dust Resistant and of course, Wireless Charging capabilities. Yes, Android & Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus has these features but Apple always waits until the tech has matured before introducing them to it's consumers. The consumers who want it will get it one way or another, even if it's selling a kidney or whatnot. The real excitement though is in the midrange smartphone category where price/performance and design battle for our hard earned money. Competition is always welcomed though, great job Apple.

    1. I wonder if it is really Apple waiting for the wireless charging tech to mature, or it is like the situation with making adequately sized iPhones for the first time (the 6 Plus)... when Apple was falling behind on features that were standard in flagship phones. They needed to play catch-up

  5. the apple phones are highly overrated and grossly overpriced, just like nike and honda.
    all android needs to do is have security updates downloaded directly from google, bypass the carriers, and apple phones are history.
    going to be hard for members of the cult.

    1. True about Nike. But with Apple and Honda, you get what you pay for. Any claim to contrary is trollish "sour grapes": the guy riding by on a rattle trap Huffy 3-speed who scowls at the guy in the Lexus.

      I mean, seriously ....you should check Consumer Reports and other sources on Apple and Honda. It will be eye-opening to you.


      "all android needs to do is have security updates downloaded... "

      They've had years to do this. Donkeys will fly, too.

    2. If you ask iPhone users where "security updates" come in on reasons they chose the phone, it will likely come in 30th.

      The average user doesn't even know what IOS is, let alone belong to the real but small Apple cult that knows the precise IOS version number.

      Get real.

    3. Most mobile customers don't even know Android exists, they're locked into The Ecosystem because all their friends use Facechat and iMessage, or they dig the security updates.

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