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Cricket Wireless Expands Presence to 122 Military Exchanges

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Cricket Wireless has gotten busy the past few weeks as it concentrated on opening several new stores in different locations.

Just today, the AT&T subsidiary announced that they have opened three stores around Miami located at 18300 NW 2nd Avenue, 5697 SW 137th Avenue, and 3598 NW 27th Avenue.

In addition to opening these three stores in Miami, Cricket Wireless has also expanded its reach by making their no-contract phone services available in 122 military exchanges in U.S. based military bases. Here is where Cricket Wireless can be purchased in these bases:

  • 83 Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) stores
  • 26 Navy Exchanges (NEXCOM) stores
  • 14 Marine Corps Exchanges (MCX) stores
Cricket Wireless offers no annual contract plans that start at $30 per month. One advantage this prepaid network has over its rivals is that its plan prices already include taxes, so there's no need to worry about surprise fees.  

Moreover, Cricket's plans include unlimited calling, text and messaging to and from, and in and between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. These features are available in Cricket's $50 per month plan and higher.  

Military shoppers who purchase their plan from one of the 122 military exchange stores can also buy one of the devices available, such as a Risio 2, HTC Desire 550, CoolPad, or a Sol 2. There's also an option for a bring your own device (BYOD) kit so that a compatible smartphone can be activated on Cricket's network. 

The decision to expand its stores across these military exchange locations is one way Cricket is able to help military members and their families. Especially since they already have a lot on their plates, the prepaid brand is making it easier for military personnel to quickly find a Cricket store when they need one. 

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  1. Kudos to Cricket. But unless they offer a way to suspend your service while you’re deployed you’re better off with a pay per use plans such as a h2O 90 days plan.

    1. There are lots of tech literates personnels among the soldiers, and they use mostly OTT services like Hangouts, Viber, Tango, FaceTime etc... to keep in contact while oversea. So most of these people only needed data service to remain in contact, and cellular talk is just a bonus, as was in my case. And I use my Google voice as main number as well so prepaid is never a problem.

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