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H2O Wireless Extends Promotion for New Subscribers

H2O Wireless has just announced that it will be extending its H2O Promotions for new activations. Instead of the original end date of September 30, the AT&T MVNO will be extending the promotions until November 30.

Here are the promos that H2O Wireless is offering for new activations:

$30 Plan Data Promotion

This promotion is applicable to new subscribers. On their first month of service under the $30 plan, they get 3GB LTE.

In order to qualify, the first recharge must be activated and completed by November 30.

Multi-Line Plans

In addition to the $30 plan data promotion, H2O Wireless is now offering multi-line plans where users can get extra lines for $25 each. For 2 lines, the plan will cost $50 and $100 for 4 lines.

Each line includes 2GB LTE data. It also comes with unlimited talk, text, and 2G data, and international calling.

Again, this promotion is only available for new subscribers and will be available for a limited time only.

If you would like to learn more about either of these plan promotions, visit H2O Wireless' website.

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  1. Is the multi line promotion price permanent or only the first month like the extra GB on the $30 plan data promotion?

  2. H2O speeds were 3mbps in a 22mbps Gophone area, so buyer beware.

  3. I was surprised this company is still exist in 2017. They should renovation for competition.

  4. Locus Telecom. Horrible support as they wouldn't allow my number to be ported to another provider.

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