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Mango Mobile Introduces New Plans with Unlimited Throttled Data

New Mango Mobile Plans

A reader tipped me that Mango Mobile has changed its plans since the last time we reported on them. Changes include new $15 and $35 plans. All plans now include unlimited 128 kbps throttled data after the plan's high speed data allotment has been used up, they used to be hard capped. Most plans now include "unlimited"* international calling, although with a much smaller international calling credit than before.

Here's a list of Mango's plans with the current allotments and features in bold and the old one ones in strikeout fonts.

  • $15 Green Mango - 500 minutes, unlimited global text, unlimited data, first 1 GB at high speeds (new plan)
  • $19 Fresh Mango - unlimited global* talk and global text, 100 MB data, unlimited data with the first 500 MB at high speeds, $10 $2 international credit 
  • $19 Ripe Mango - includes 250 minutes, unlimited global text, 1 GB data, $10 international credit (discontinued plan)
  • $25 Sweet Mango - unlimited global* talk and global text, 1 GB dataunlimited data with the first 1 GB at high speeds$20 $2 international credit 
  • $30 Juicy Mango - unlimited global* talk and global text, 2 GB dataunlimited data with the first 2 GB at high speeds$30 $2 international credit 
  • $35 Int'l Mango - unlimited global* talk and text, unlimited data, first 1 GB at high speeds, $25  international credit (new plan)
  • $40 Red Mango - includes unlimited talk and global text, 3GB of 4G LTE data and $40 international credit  (discontinued plan)
*Unlimited global calling is a limited time promotion and is limited to calls to 10 unique international numbers in 75 countries per 30 day plan month. The $2 international calling credit is for the first month only. After the first month the international credit is $1. Click here to see the free calling countries and rates for calling other countries.

Additional high speed data can be added to any plan at prices of $2/100 MB, $6/500 MB, $10/1 GB, $25/2.5 GB amd $50/5 GB. Add-on data expires at the end of the plan month

Mango Mobile is product of Red Pocket Mobile. Service is on the T-Mobile native network only. If T-Mobile service works for you, Mango Mobile's plans offer a little more value than comparable Red Pocket plans. But Red Pocket plans are available on your choice of either Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint.  The $15 Mango Mobile plan is notable for being one of the least expensive unlimited text plans available, with the additional bonus of including a decent amount of  voice minutes and data.

Source: Red Pocket Mobile


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  1. Un. A. Tractive. Boring. Hard to believe that ALL these MVNO's even try anymore.

    1. I've had been using Mango for over a year now and I get unlimited,talk and text for $14 month. I got the 12 month plan for $19 and they discount it upfront $60 off. Can't get any better than that.And they have great customer service. Mintsim is ok but they are only cheaper for the first few months and then it goes back to regular price.

  2. Hey,October 12, 2017 at 2:41 PM, Mango tried enough, that if i may recall they are the only MVNO that is offering "unlimited" text @ the $15 price point.

    1. Twigby has unlimited text for $9/month, ChitChat for $9.99. Neither includes any data at that price, however.

    2. Ummm speedtalk has 500 mins/ unlimited texts / 500 mb for $9 a month tmobile towers

    3. Mango plans sound like junk.
      Throw 'em in da trash!

  3. speaking of throttled data... does anyone know if att prepaid portable hotspots have throttled data?

  4. how does mintsim compare to this. It looks like a better deal to be on the same network.

  5. Speaking of unlimited text, Skinny of New Zealand, has it at the lowest entry level of $9. Well, they kinda squeeze on voice/data. Here in the U.S market some resellers are going 'rogue'. Perhaps, these current offers are not hurting their bottom lines. Wish the big boys have done this long time ago.

    One has to agree that there is large capacity with the suppliers to offer to inelastic market. Voice and Text have become very competitive and data is the next candidate.

    Speaking of unlimited voice/text, how many of us are really talking for long hours or texting reams of alphabets. Data is the new kid on the block and for now we are playing long with it, till something new lands on our hand.

    1. Question: "how many of us are really talking for long hours or texting reams of alphabets"

      Answer: People who interact with other people at work, friends and families.

      Claim: "Data is the new kid on the block"

      Reality: I still use far more data on my PC than with my phone. Nothing new about that.

  6. Mint sim is a better deal on pure T-mobile service.

    Nothing to see here.

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