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Only 14% of Puerto Rico Cell Sites are Operational

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It's been a little over 10 days since hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and rampaged the island. In its path, the storm caused massive flooding and destruction that could cost up to $55 billion. The storm also cut down cell towers and left the nation without power or any means to communicate with their loved ones. Unfortunately, data shows that over 86% of cell sites in Puerto Rico are still not fully functional up to this day.

ROK Mobile partnered with M2Catalyst to illustrate just how devastating hurricane Maria's effects were on wireless communications. The two companies crowdsourced the number of unique cell phone connections before and after the hurricane hit the nation. The collected data then reveals that 86% of the cell towers throughout the island are still non-operational.

Across Puerto Rico, total of 26,419 antennas and 8.8 million mobile signal measurements were analyzed by data scientists between August 1 to October 2. Based on these findings, M2Catalyst was able to determine the number of cell sites that are currently not functioning and where the operational ones can be found.

The data shows that the cell tower survival rate in Puerto Rico (as of October 2, 2017) is:

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  • T-Mobile: 30.77% survived, 69.23% missing 
  • AT&T: 17.65% survived, 82.35% missing
  • Claro: 14.04% survived, 85.96% missing
  • Open Mobile: 92.18% missing
  • Extended Network: 93.02% missing
  • CLARO | TELCEL: 94.44% missing

This collected data is not in any way aimed at shaming companies for their lack of interest in fixing them quickly. Instead, the information from the crowdsourced data may prove useful to direct repair efforts so that communications throughout Puerto Rico may be restored the soonest time possible. Not to mention, this information was published as a way of directing Puerto Ricans on where the nearest cell connection can be accessed.

The devastation in Puerto Rico is evident, particularly in coastal regions. And at times like this, reliable communication is a much needed resource. Through ROK Mobile and M2Catalyst's data, the locals are able to get a clearer picture on where they can get cell phone signal to get in touch with their loved ones.

Source: PRNewswire

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  1. As an "Act of God" it is no ones fault.
    Sure, help and assistance is needed.
    As "Puerto Rico" was not built in a day, to expect miracles overnight is just not going to happen.
    This was a catastrophic natural event and expect governmental bureaucracy and mismanagement to reign.

  2. It's a really sad and sorry state of affairs for Puerto Rico. It's really become another Katrina, because the government points fingers and flounders while very real people suffer.

  3. The FCC is releasing daily updates on cell tower status. An example:
    This is the October 3rd document, it says 87.9% non-functional.

    Similar reports were created for the other two hurricanes. I would like to see someone graph the repair times for Texas and Florida.

  4. 185 mph winds were no match for any trees and electrical lines. No electricity and no data lines equal no mobile service. Paper towels don't help.

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