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New Sprint MVNO Wing to Launch in November

A new MVNO is getting ready to launch real soon!

What makes this new MVNO different is that it is owned by two millionaire millennials who intend to offer service to other individuals within their age group.

Called Wing, the MVNO runs under Sprint's network. It is currently in beta testing and is expected to exit that stage in just a few weeks.

Wing, as an MVNO, offers cell phone plans that have the same model as that of Google's Project Fi. They follow the same "dynamic pricing" model, which means that any unused data will be refunded to their customers at the end of the month.

As for the price, this is where that similarity draws a conclusion. Wing's smartphone plans start at $20/month and include unlimited talk and text and 1GB of hard capped data. The top tiered plan they offer costs $70/month and includes unlimited LTE high speed data.

Their plans include the following:

  • $12/month - Basic phone with unlimited talk, text and 128 MB of 3G data
  • $20/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data
  • $27/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of data
  • $34/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of data
  • $50/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data
  • $66/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 7GB of data
  • $70/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and unlimited LTE data

Of course, the unlimited LTE data plan also comes with a limit. Once 22GB of high speed data has been consumed in a month, Wing's data prioritization policy will take effect. This means that data speeds can slow down (temporarily) during times of peak network usage.

Apart from unlimited talk and text, Wing's plans include HD voice, voicemail, visual voicemail, Wi-Fi calling, 3-way calling, mobile hotspot/tethering, and short code authentication. There is also an option for international data as a plan add-on, which costs $13/GB and may be used in over 135 countries. International data speeds have a 3G cap however.

Something important to remember about these plans is that they do not include taxes and fees yet. This will still depend on where you live, which will roughly add 5-10% to your plan. Another important note to remember is that these prices may still change once Wing officially launches its service.

If you're also on the lookout for a new phone, Wing has some smartphones to offer. As of this writing, they are currently offering devices like the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, and almost every iPhone model beginning with the 5s. You can opt to pay full price for the device or go with a monthly lease.

Or if you have a fairly new smartphone running on Sprint's network, you can choose to bring your own phone too.

The realization for Wing stemmed from its founders' own cell phone plans that incurred high roaming charges after traveling the world. The MVNO is owned by 27-year-old David Arabov and 31-year-old Jonathon Francis, who both previously owned Elite Daily before selling it to The Daily Mail in 2015 for $50 million.

Currently, the MVNO is under a beta program with 3,000 subscribers that signed up within the first 3 days of its launch.

The MVNO is set to officially launch in November.

Source: WingFierce Wireless, Best MVNO

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  1. We need a 512 kBps $25 truely unlimited plan.
    I am sure that if they set their "2g" speeds to 512 kBps and gave us 22 gigs of THAT and only then brought it down to 128 kbps, I am sure that tons of people will sign up. And take to 1 mBps for $30 and then 128 kbps after 22 gigs.
    And 2 mBps for $40 and then 128 kbps after 22 gigs.

    And STOP calling it unlimited!!!!!

    1. 22GB of data consumption would cost the carrier the same whether they deliver it at 512kbps or 50mbps so they no reason to offer it at half the price of a full speed unlimited data plan.

    2. That depends entirely on the time of day (ie: level of network congestion). Like most resources, the network has to be "sized" for peak utilization, which means it is underutilized (often woefully so) most of the day / week. If you can "deprioritize" someone, it lets you put off expensive capital upgrades of your network. Providing 50Mbps at peak times is absolutely more expensive than 512kbps.

  2. Seriously? Sprint service at these prices is a FAIL!

  3. Some Asian country offers 400, 512 kbps speed and Korea or Japan offers 3mbps unlimited data. The U.S. only the country offers 128kbps speed in 21 centuries.

    1. The U.S. lags behind on many things.

    2. Africa end of story

    3. India's "2g" is at 512 kbps I think.
      But I do not want kbps I want kBps.
      My speed tests run in kB and when I have more than 300 kBps I am able to do everything that I want.

  4. It's a pretty awesome deal for world travelers--hence the name. $13/GB high-speed for most of the world. Didn't see anything about international voice roaming though. Or domestic voice/data roaming for that matter. Sprint coverage isn't great in the US.

    For that matter, starting a MVNO on a soon-to-be-M&A'ed carrier isn't exactly ground for high confidence. At best, it's damn poor timing. At worst...

    1. OK just looked up Google Fi, and it also has 135 supported countries at $10/GB, voice $.20/min, text free. In US, Fi has Sprint+TMO+USCC coverage, and roams on VZW and ATT for both voice and data with no extra charge.

      So take back what I said about Wing being awesome deal.

  5. Most Sprint phones can't roam overseas due to their lack of GSM support as well as the lack of the most commonly used bands around the world. This means the only customers with the necessary tech to roam internationally are the ones with flagship phones who are unlikely to be attracted by this carrier's outdated, small data allotment plans. I also doubt those who frequently need international roaming would choose anything running on the Sprint network as their domestic carrier. This MVNO's business model is flawed and their plans are uncompetitive. The sad part is that more competitive plans on a GSM network could have made this concept work.

  6. Ooh yeah! I'm gonna trust a couple of millionaire millenials who can't do basic math.
    Below 3 GB = $7/GB
    Above 3 GB = $8/GB
    Huh? And How much will they charge people who foolishly neglect to prepay the $70 for unlimited data....

  7. taxes fees extra
    $50/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 5GB of data
    $66/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and 7GB of data
    $70/month - Includes unlimited talk, text, and unlimited LTE data

    Boost Mobile taxes fees included
    $50/month - Includes unlimited Gigs


  8. What happens if Sprint and T-mobile merge?

  9. $70 for unlimited on Sprint lol

  10. Leave it to millennials to create something useless and wasteful that doesn't actually address any of the unfilled niches in a market they clearly don't understand.

    Sure, they got rich off pushing clickbait from their already well-off families' garages, where they were comfortable enough to dabble in startups instead of working to scrape by or joining the military.

    But while peddling the intellectual equivalent of paint fumes might've made them some money, literally nobody else benefits from dumbing down discourse to "12 reasons privileged yuppies think you're doing x, y and z wrong."

    And because they never needed any real economic savvy to make it in a genuinely tough market, their first venture into prepaid is predictably a complete stinker.

    Anyway MetroPCS is better in literally every way (remember, taxes are included) if you're an up and coming urbanly-inclined data muncher who needs at least mediocre coverage wherever you go, while Total Wireless has domestic road warriors covered every stretch of the way.

    In contrast, Wing won't have any appeal even after the merger, and it'll take years before their native network coverage reaches the point where it's practical.

    By that time, prices will likely have continued to plummet (while data use continues to grow) and odds are that most everyone (including millennials) will just subscribe to a hassle-free unlimited plan instead.

    MVNOs like Wing will wind up scraping the bottoms of empty barrels for meager scraps of revenue, and the best case scenario is that they'll be able to sell Wing for a profit without having contributed any real innovation or competitive pressure to the market itself.

    As it stands, Wing is basically a "get even richer scheme" disguised as a legitimate enterprise, and I wouldn't give them a single red cent.

    On a related note, I bet they and their friends haven't even used prepaid ONCE in their entire lives (given their upper class, jetsetting lifestyles), and they're probably not actually planning to use their own product.

    Sure, they might sing its praises in public, but we all remember how Jessica Alba and Joe Belfiore loved their iPhones.

    1. People who give a service do not have to use it.
      Can a bold person not be a hair stylist?
      Can a healthy person not be doctor.
      Can someone who likes the taste vegtables not open up a steakhouse?

      If they are not doing anything illegal, then they are in full right to do it.

      It is our business as consumers to investigate and make informed and smart decisions.

      Just because someone may not know all the options available does not make it the fault of any single provider.

    2. I wouldn't trust a hair stylist with floofy 80s hair who only shaves heads.

      Nor would I trust an advocate of holistic medicine who has her traditional primary care physician on speed dial.

      Likewise, I'd doubt the taste and quality of food at a new steakhouse where the chef was a vegan who's never tried any of the menu items himself and definitely wouldn't eat his own cooking.

      And just how popular would the iPhone still be if Steve Jobs went to his grave clinging to a Samsung Galaxy?

      Blatant hypocrisy is the first indication that someone or something isn't on the level, and there's nothing wrong with refusing to use a service that the founders themselves wouldn't be caught dead with.

  11. This, like most “new” MVNOs, especially with Sprint in the context, is Dead On Arrival.

  12. Setting aside all the boring Sprint hate, and these initial Wing prices are lower than any other regular service carrier for 1 or 2 GB/month with Unlimited TnT. Except you could prepay a year on Red Pocket Amazon 1GB, but with their poor CS and added risk, I wouldn't.

  13. Their site seems to be active - anyone using this MVNO?

  14. I've used them for about 3 months now. $15 for unlimited talk and 500MB of data. International data at 13/GB. Roaming rates (to call back to the US) often significantly better than Google Fi. It doesn't have LTE roaming, which is a shame, but it's not the end of the world. Roaming data speeds are quite good (2-5 Mbps on HSPA). I'm sure the coverage in US rural areas isn't the best, but in the cities it's fine, and the overseas service is quite good. My phone rapidly picks up a signal and registers. Billing is transparent and scrupulously honest. It's a perfectly viable alternative to Fi, and cheaper than T-Mo and Sprint, never mind AT&T /Verizon.

  15. Wing gives you roaming on Verizon and regional carriers for talk and text, like Twigby.
    Wing's plans can be a better value than Twigby's if you want Unlimited TnT. $15 plan includes 500mb; Twigby offers no data at that price. Wing costs less at the 1GB and 2GB price points too (-$5, -$3).
    If you are leasing a phone from Sprint, Wing will arrange to have the lease transferred so you can keep your phone and payments. After 60% of the phone value is paid off, you can upgrade your phone with Wing.

  16. Been a Wing subscriber for 3 months now. Roaming has been seemless through rural portions of IA, SD and ND. Even had days while roaming though the speeds I noted were largely 2G like at less than 100 kbps. Sure wish the app allowed for account control. Getting hold of CS can also be difficult on the first try. One note...I submitted a LNP out of Wing and the CSR negotiated a deal where I get 4x more data for the same price as I was paying. I'll stick with them and overall recommend them door those who don't mind CSRs who are sometimes hard to contact.

  17. I can confirm Wing Tel now uses AT&T network as well.

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