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Ting Giving Away 2GB of Data for Free

Are you thinking of adding a line on your Ting account? You're in luck! Ting has just announced that they will be giving out 2GB of data to everyone who adds a line to their account.

The promotion runs from October 2 to 22. When you bulk up your account throughout the days covered by the promotion, you can get free data that you can enjoy. Ting will be giving you 1GB of free data in November and another 1GB of free data in December.

Whether you plan on giving the additional line to your child or to a grandparent, you can be pleased with the free 2GB promotion. Or maybe you're thinking of splitting a phone bill with a friend so you both can save money on your texts, minutes and data since it's shared across your lines.

Data Giveaway Contest

Ting has also considered their customers who added in a new line prior to today's announcement.

According to the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO, customers who added a line three months before the promo period may be eligible to join a data giveaway contest. A total of 50 winners will receive 1GB free in November and December.

Ting for Two 

In addition to this, new customers who activate with two or more lines during the promo period may get free data. If you sign up with multiple lines, Ting will send you 1GB of data in November and another 1GB of data in December.

Get 2 GB Free Giveaway

Lastly, Ting has announced that they will be giving away 2GB of data free for customers who join their ongoing giveaway. If you are interested in being part of this, you simply have to keep an eye out for their free data questions. You can share a one of a kind story, joke, or some tips and tricks. The ones they like best will be the recipient of the free 2GB data.

This giveaway also runs from October 2 to 22.

Each line at Ting starts at $6 and you pay for what you use.

Source: Ting


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