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Ting Lets You Make International Calls to Select Countries For Free

It looks like Ting is allowing calls to many international destinations at no extra charge. The report comes from a source of BestMVNO who informed them of Ting's new initiative of adding international calling for free to its cell phone plans.

These Ting minutes are actually global minutes. What this means is that you can use these minutes to make international calls so you don't have to worry about a surcharge anymore.

There are over 60 countries that are included with Ting minutes' feature. So when you make a call to one of these countries, you no longer have to pay an extra charge. As for the countries that aren't on the list, you'll be required to pay a per minute fee.

The full list of Ting's international calling rates can be found here.

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. If only minutes were cheap to begin with...

    1. There should also be "unlimited" tiers that cap monthly costs, instead of just milking customers for all they're worth.

      Once you hit the $50 mark, there's no rwason not to go with MetroPCS instead.

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