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US Mobile Announces New Service Under Verizon's Network

A few months ago, US Mobile announced that it had plans of launching service on the largest LTE network in the country. The initial launch date for this was summer but since no announcement was made by the MVNO, many wondered whether or not the plan had been pushed to the back seat for the moment.

The speculation about this new service comes to an end as US Mobile announced that it has launched service on Verizon's network. Along with this announcement, the MVNO has unveiled a set of new plans and a feature that allows you to choose your own data speeds.

There are two types of plans available on this new network: Super LTE Unlimited Plans and Super LTE Customized Plans. The difference between the two is that the former offers unlimited talk, text and data (or 100 minutes of talk and text), while the latter allows subscribers to custom build their plan by choosing from one of the allotment options for talk, text and data.

These plans look like this:

Super LTE Unlimited Plans

  • $35 Standard Plan - Includes 100 minutes of talk and text, and unlimited data at 1 Mbps
  • $42 Standard Plan - Includes unlimited talk and text,and unlimited data at 1 Mbps
  • $45 Fast Plan - Includes 100 minutes of talk and text, and unlimited data at 5 Mbps
  • $47 Standard Plan - Includes unlimited talk and text, and unlimited data at 1 Mbps of data + hotspot
  • $52 Fast Plan - Includes unlimited talk and text, and unlimited data at 5 Mbps
  • $57 Fast Plan - Includes unlimited talk and text,  and unlimited data at 5 Mbps + hotspot
  • $65 Ludicrous Plan - Includes 100 minutes of talk and text, and unlimited data at up to 150 Mbps
  • $70 Ludicrous Plan - Includes unlimited talk and text, and unlimited data at up to 150 Mbps 
  • $75 Ludicrous Plan - Includes unlimited talk and text, and unlimited data at up to 150 Mbps + hotspot

Super LTE Customized Plans


  • $2.50 - 40 minutes
  • $3 - 100 minutes
  • $5 - 300 minutes
  • $6 - 500 minutes
  • $8 - 1,000 minutes
  • $10 - 2,000 minutes
  • $15 - 5,000 minutes
  • $1 - 40 text
  • $2 - 100 text
  • $3 - 300 text
  • $4 - 500 text
  • $5 - 1,000 text
  • $6 - 2,000 text
  • $7 - 10,000 text
  • $2 - 100 MB
  • $5 - 300 MB
  • $8 - 500 MB
  • $11 - 1GB
  • $16 - 2GB
  • $20 - 3GB
  • $26 - 5GB
US Mobile charges an extra $4/month service fee apart from taxes, despite the set of plans you choose from. On the unlimited data plans, mobile hotspot is capped to a the same speed (1 Mbps, 5 Mbp or uncapped) as the on-device data . All custom built plans with data come with mobile hotspot with no speed restriction. It's also important to mention that a data prioritization policy has been set in place for all unlimited data plans. Depending on the type of plan chosen, data can be slowed down after 12GB (Standard plan), 14GB (Fast plan), and 16GB (Ludicrous plan). 

Since US Mobile is determined to grow its customers to 150,000 before the end of 2018, it has announced a new scheme that will entice new iPhone X users to activate with their service. 

For customers who will bring in their Verizon or Sprint compatible iPhone X to US Mobile's new network will receive a cash back of $200. This will be made available as a monthly account refund and will be divided into over 6 months. 

Of course, other iPhone and Android devices are supported in the network. It's just important to use US Mobile's IMEI checker tool to see phone compatibility. 

Apart from offering service on Verizon's network, US Mobile continues to offer service under T-Mobile's network for GSM customers. Prices for service under this network remain unchanged. 

Source: Fierce WirelessBest MVNO 


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  1. This looks like a great deal, especially if you can make use of the capped hotspot in the Ludicrous plan.

  2. The new unlimited plans looked interesting until I realized the $4 service fee applies to them as well. Which makes no sense and makes the advertised plan prices look like false advertising. If your plans are split in to two types (unlimited and custom) you don't expect a fee from the custom plans to also apply to a different type of plan with a fixed price. The advertised plan prices should include everything, except taxes, including the "service" fee.

    1. It says service fee on the bottom of the plans

  3. I'm not finding a statement on US Mobile's site that says hotspot speeds are capped at 1Mbps... is this verified?

    1. I just chatted with US Mobile, and they state that the hotspot runs at the speed of the plan you purchase (so 1Mbps for 'Standard', 5Mbps for 'Fast', and 150Mbps for 'Ludicrous') - just a heads up.

  4. These are fantastic rates compared to plans from other mvnos like Ting, Tello, or even Tracfone. Surprised its not getting more love. Tons of people love that old $30 5GB/100min plan from Walmart, USMobile is offering unlimited for $5 more on Verizon. Personally, I rarely make a phone call or send a text, so its a fantastic deal.

  5. I'm Still on that $30 100mins/unlimited texts/5GB of 4G LTE plan! Lol!

  6. I wouldn't get too excited. The plans are labeled as "beta"--read: subjected to change--and dollars to donuts that the unlimited hotspots would be the first to go.

  7. Huh, my criticism of their phoneless Verizon strategy got censored.

    The shilling is real.

    1. Not sure what you are referring to but I've approved every comment posted so far today.

    2. Leave out the gratuitous political flamebait and I'll be happy to approve your comments.

    3. Drawing accurate and informative parallels to highlight the core problem with Verizon (and subsequently US Mobile's Super LTE plans) isn't gratuitous, overtly political, or flamebait.

    4. A carrier's handset selection is not a political philosophy. Injecting controversial political references into a non-political topic invites more off topic political comments.

    5. Verizon's approach to handsets mirrors the self-destructiveness of said political philosophy, which is the reason it loses the very same middle of the road support that comprises much (if not most) of the prepaid market.

      The only thing that bolsters its numbers is being the only game in some towns, even though those outliers cost more to service and are likely more subsidized by postpaid than most.

      In more populous areas, other carriers have been bridging the gap by filling in and catering to that mid-range niche.

      The allure of affordable unlocked mid-range GSM workhorses generates growth for T-mobile (and at times AT&T) even as Verizon (alongside Sprint) winds up losing in the prepaid sphere.

      In contrast, catering to only upper and lower end customers has led to Tracfone's continued subscriber loss, as well as significant belt tightening and network diversifying at various Verizon MVNOs.

      That's the point of tying a failed handset strategy to a similarly disastrous economic philosophy which fosters on the same upper-lower divide, not only to show that the trend isn't exclusive to the prepaid market, but also to illustrate that the results of US Mobile's foray into Super LTE can be predicted right from the outset based on how well "ignoring the happy medium" worked for anyone else who's tried it.

      Maybe i'll be wrong, but if history's any indication then Verizon MVNOs can only truly grow and gain customers by selling affordable mid-rangers.

      Otherwise, they might as well stick to T-mobile and AT&T where BYOD affordability hasn't been an issue for years.

      Call it flamebait, trolling or whatever else you want, but markets have never been swayed by insults or feelings, and they'll do as they please regardless of who it offends.

    6. "Drawing accurate and informative parallels to highlight the core problem with Verizon.. "
      Sounded good, but then you just shoveled in a pile of BS.

    7. My original comments were more concise, but that's just how it is when censorship forces you to tiptoe around the issue without ever stating what you specifically mean.

      Gotta read between the lines and figure it out for yourself, because blunt and easily understood honesty's a sin nowadays.

    8. "Gotta read between the lines" is a poor excuse for you being vague and having a poor grasp of the language and not being clear.

      Besides, nothing of what you hint at is remotely like censorship. Dennis' decisions here are equivalent to the New York Times choosing what to print or not to print in its OWN newspaper. It is an expression of free speech, not a negation of it.

      Again, as there is no censorship here, and there is nothing stopping you for making your own phone and/or politics website and running it as you please.

      But it shows a poor grasp of the language and of the meaning of the word "censorship" when you are accusing Dennis of censoring when he is merely expressing his right of freedom of the press and expression.

    9. It is arrogant of one to assume that Dennis ignoring attempts to hijack and take over this forum in an ill-fated attempt to become the new Rush Limbaugh or Stephen Colbert is any sort of infringement of any rights or even censorship.

  8. Plans that are at 5 mbps may not always get the full 5 mbps, but depending on building structure, location, and weather conditions may drop to lower speeds.

    Lets say if the 5 mbps plan would drop to 2 mbps, a 2.5X drop, would the 1 mbps plan drop to 400 kbps, also a 2.5X drop, or, no, it will give me the full 1 mbps?

    1. Throttling enforces a speed cap. So if the unthrottled network speed is 3 mbps, customers on the 5 mbps plan will get 3 mbps and customers on the 1 mbps plan will get 1 mbps.

  9. Thanks Dennis.

  10. If they make it a flat rate, and include the taxes and fees, then this will be the start if something.

    I wonder who else will follow suite?
    Other carriers to give $30 20 gigs at 1 mbps or $20 of 10 gigs at 1 mbps.

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