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Cricket Wireless Starts Black Friday Sale Early

If you are one of those looking to get a good deal on a new smartphone (preferably as soon as possible), Cricket Wireless doesn't want you to wait for too long.

Starting Monday, November 20, you can buy a new smartphone from Cricket Wireless. Here are the different models they have on sale:

ZTE Blade X

The Blade X is ZTE's newest device under its Blade lineup. This device comes with a 5.5-inch HD display with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 16GB onboard storage, and a microSD card slot for up to 2TB memory expansion. Camera-wise, the phone has a 13-megapixel rear camera with Full HD video and flash along with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera with HD video. The Blade X also includes a 3,000 mAh battery.

Originally, this phone costs $119.99 with a new number or current customer phone upgrade from Cricket Wireless. With their Black Friday sale, however, the device is priced down to only $49.99 for all customers.

ZTE Blade X Max

Cricket is also offering the ZTE Blade X Max in its Black Friday sale. This particular model comes with a 6-inch Full HD display, a 1.4GHz octa-core processor, 32GB of onboard memory, and up to 128GB of memory expansion. There is a 13-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and 4x zoom plus another 5-megapixel camera in front with flash and 4x zoom. Powering this phone is a 3,400 mAh non-removable battery.

The Blade X Max is originally priced at $149.99 for all customers. You can buy this smartphone for only $99.99 next week.

Cricket Wireless' Black Friday starts on Monday, November 20 and ends on Sunday, November 26; or until supplies last.

Other Smartphones (on sale now)

Apart from offering these two devices, which go on sale 11/20, Cricket currently has some phones they are giving out for free (or close to it) once you transfer your number to Cricket and activates service under a qualifying plan of at least $30/month. These devices include the following:

  • LG Fortune - Free for switchers. $29.99 for new and existing customers
  • Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 - Free for switchers. $49.99 for new and existing customers
  • ZTE Overture 3 - Free for switchers. $49.99 for new and existing customers
  • Alcatel OneTouch Flint - $0.99 for switchers. $19.99 for new and existing customer
  • Alcatel Pixi Theatre - $0.99 for switchers. $19.99 for new and existing customers
  • Alcatel Streak - $0.99 for switchers. $9.99 for new and existing customers
  • HTC Desire 520 - $0.99 for switchers. $19.99 for new and existing customers
  • HTC Desire 625 - $0.99 for switchers. $19.99 for new and existing customers
  • LG Risio - $0.99 for switchers. $9.99 for new and existing customers
  • LG Spree - $0.99 for switchers. $9.99 for new and existing customers
  • Samsung Galaxy Sol - $0.99 for switchers. $39.99 for new and existing customers
  • LG Harmony - $9.99 for switchers. $59.99 for new and existing customers
  • Alcatel Idol 4 with VR Goggles - $49.99 for switchers. $89.99 for new and existing customers
  • Alcatel Idol 5 - $149.99 for switchers. $179.99 for new and existing customers
Source: Cricket Wireless

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  1. Where is Galaxy S8 deals?

    1. Who knows? Normally it happen on cyber Monday but again it might not happen this year.

  2. Man, those are some bad deals on bad phones. Only two worth even considering are the blade x and the idol 4 and those still aren't great phones. Those are everyday deals at metropcs... Last year....

  3. Hey, I guess they are at least trying to be a little positive. After all their other stuff going on.... Gotta try to do something to keep customers.

  4. Most of those phones are refurbished, the HTC 625 is actually a pretty decent phone, premium build quality, but not a whole lot of memory.

  5. The Grand Parade of Burners.

    I truly believe now those who say Cricket has hit the skids. Only a few years ago, they were offering half off the most recent TOP Samsung Galaxy flagship phone ever year.

  6. I don't anything outstanding on the list .

    "AnonymousNovember 17, 2017 at 7:06 PM

    Hey, I guess they are at least trying to be a little positive. After all their other stuff going on.... Gotta try to do something to keep customers."

  7. Does buying one of these phones for an existing group plan make you lose the grandfathered group save discount?

    1. No, buying a phone won't change your plan so it won't affect it.

      Source - I work for cricket

  8. Post 1 of 2:

    This is a bit long. Any feedback / thoughts would be nice.

    ZTE Overture 3 -- Wow. I didn't know they came out with an upgraded version of this horrible phone, the ZTE Overture 2, for which I made several videos showing the problems I was experiencing & how I could not exchange it. This is the main video with links to others in the description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOUcv7Q_S78 I have sworn off all phones from ZTE & am still mad that even calling them resulted in no action being taken.

    Now, on the other hand, I seem to not have luck with phones. I went the opposite direction & bought one of the best of the best phones -- A Samsung Galaxy S5 from Cricket's Cyber Monday sale in 2015. As much as I hated the Overture 2, I used it but used very little apps. I finally activated the phone on July 4th, 2016. One day in January, 6 months later, I take the phone out of my pocket & the screen is black! I can feel vibrations when I touch things but couldn't see anything. I tried all the advice I saw online but none of them worked.

    Since Cricket counts the warranty from the time I activated the phone (good thing), it was still under warranty. & thank goodness Cricket changed their return policy to a more sensible one now to where they send me a prepaid label, I take it in to a UPS, they inspect it, ship it, & two days later I get a replacement phone from Cricket, even before the phone has arrived to them.

    Well, I took a while to send in the phone (I actually went back to the horrible ZTE Overture 2) because I needed to research how to backup the contents & how to remove the security pattern (good thing it was easy & I could do it with the screen black & the Samsung software would confirm that it was successfully drawn). I called back & got another prepaid label from Cricket & sent in my phone in May or June of this year (right before the warranty is over in July).

    I got my used (they said they only send used) replacement phone right away & was happy. I went to turn it on & ..... it doesn't turn on! I tried to charge it with different cables & chargers & still nothing! I knew the battery was good (they tell you to keep it) because it was working just fine a few days ago on the defective phone. Well, I had to call Cricket & go through the same procedure. It also took much longer for them to send me the replacement because however they entered the info, they were only seeing that I had already got a replacement phone & figured everything was already taken care of. I had to call back, explain things & finally, a few days later, I got my phone.

    This time the phone turned on. Yeah! However, something felt a bit off here & here. A few weeks later, it was obvious this phone has problems. When I am watching a video with an app, the video & phone freezes, & I either have to take the battery out or wait a few minutes for the phone to realize that there is a problem & then restart itself. Holding down the power button seems to do nothing. I tried another app to watch the video (it's one I downloaded, is on my SD card, & worked just fine on my original S5 phone & my Overture 2), & while it would freeze less often, it still would freeze! At other times, though rarely, when I have the GPS app, Maps, in use in the vehicle, the same thing happens--everything freezes & after a few minutes, the phone restarts. In the morning, when the 2nd alarm goes off from an alarm app that I use, I can't turn it off because the app & phone is frozen. After a few minutes, the phone restarts!

    This is maddening & I don't know if I am just bad lucked or if Samsung Galaxy phones aren't as great as they are hyped up to be. I do remember for the first one things didn't feel as snappy / fast as I thought they would be or should be, but I never noticed anything serious until the screen went black. Perhaps it's only Samsung Galaxy phones or any phone coming directly from Cricket.

  9. Post 2 of 2

    I doubt Cricket would do anything about the phone now, though I haven't tried.

    When I do have funds, I hope I finally find a good phone in the $100 to $150 price range (that's usually my limit & going higher--$250-- didn't seem to be worth it) that I can use for 3 to 4 years without any problems, as I dislike having to transfer info over & re-install programs.

    1. The x charge is 50 blade x isn't bad it's 100 atm if I remember right, then the idol 5 is a nice media phone 2 forward facing speakers and 32 gig internal memory.

  10. Howdy-ho !

    Call it slightly off-white Friday.

    Mr. Hankey would be proud of these crappy Cricket phones and deals.

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