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Finally, There's an App that Helps You Keep Track of Mobile Data Usage and Save It

Among many smartphone users, there's always a concern on where their mobile data allotment goes. This is particularly common among those who tend to use their mobile data when they're not at home. Without knowing it, you suddenly can't seem to go further from the last page you've visited and loading the page takes a really long time. In such scenarios, you know that you've run out of mobile data. 

Even if you try your best to keep an eye out on your mobile data usage, it may seem like it's never enough. You need a tool that can help you safeguard your mobile data from running out when you need it the most. 

Thankfully, Google has come up with a free app called Datally. And just like its name suggests, it keeps track of your data so you can better understand, control, and save it. 

For some time now, Google has been testing the app in the Philippines. Throughout its testing, users claimed they were able to save up to 30 percent of their data through the app. Because of this, Google is now making this app available to Android users to try and test out for themselves. If you have a smartphone running Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher, you can head to the Play Store to download the app. 

Once you've downloaded Datally, you'll be able to start keeping track of your mobile data so you can understand it better; which is one of the key features of the app. Datally will let you see your data usage via hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Based on this data, the app will send you a personalized recommendation on how you can save more data. 

Datally also comes with a Data Saver bubble so you can stop background data usage. This feature also lets you track real-time data being used by each of your apps. Think of it as a speedometer for your mobile data. Once the data usage of an app gets out of control, you can block it with one tap. 

One last feature available on the app is that it will help you save your data. Whenever you're near an area with public Wi-Fi, Datally will send you an alert and will even help you connect. And as soon as you're done using the public Wi-Fi connection, you can rate network quality so other users know how good it is. 

It's time you take control of your mobile data, thanks to Datally. You can visit the Play Store to download the app and get started in monitoring your mobile data right away.



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  1. What a joke, another half baked Google app that overlaps another 10 Google app, go ahead and download it and tell me why Apple is beating Android's ***. What happened to Doze,c what's the difference in not allowing am app to access background data, seems like Google's approach to messaging, a closet cluster.

  2. In don't get it, in thought Android already had a background data restriction, and how does this affect message apps , even Google's own apps like Google voice and Hangouts?

    1. Was wondering that myself. Android has built in data monitoring that let's you restrict how much data specific apps can use and has had this feature for years. Why is this app useful?

    2. The differences I notice between Datally and the the built-in Android Data Manager are:
      1. Datally lets you view and manage background data usage for all apps on a single screen. The Data Manager requires a lot of clicking back and forth to manage or view each app one by one.
      2. Datally gives very detailed data usage statistics, per-hour, per-app. Data Manager shows usage for one date range at a time.
      3. Datally lists nearby public wifi hotspots.

  3. I tried it, and where the lock symbol shows an app is locked out, I go to that app and it's not blocked? Weird

  4. Have fun figuring out which app you locked just ruined your Google reminders, it could be not 2,3, 4 , 5 but 6 different apps, brilliant Google)

  5. This is one of the biggest features missing in Android. Standard equipment in iOS and, as far as I recall, Symbian.

  6. Off-topic: BLU, the phone seller that specializes in malicious spyware, is melting down and clamming up after wrecking phones with an update:


    On the positive side, it seems BLU has found a rock-solid way to stop it's phones from spying for China, for once!

    1. On the even more positive side, it's perfectly okay and legal for Google, Apple, Facebook, etc to continue to spy on Americans for the NSA. #DARPA

    2. Not the same thing and you know it.

      But at least it doesn't detract from the fact that the only phone seller that is probably out right evil because it's so full of ill intention has finally shot itself in the foot.

    3. I'd like to say Blu customers had it coming, but I've seen a Brandsmart store selling Blu devices to unsuspecting little old grandmas who did't know any better.

      We can only hope that no uninformed consumers were harmed by Blu's snafu.

      Everyone else finally got theirs, though.

      Heck, if any informed consumer was still using a Blu after the chinese spyware debacle, they were pretty much asking for this.

      Now we can finally put Blu to rest, and nothing of value will be lost.

      After all, it's not like they did anything different, like including a root toggle in developer options.

      Instead, they constantly released a legion of shitty overpriced smartphones with missing LTE bands, poor specs, and no corporate or developer support whatsoever.

      Now the nightmare will finally be over.

    4. There is only one Blue phone (out of >415) affected by a software update that a does not complete, the BLU Life One X2. This is a very nice, midrange phone with good specs for the money. The update does not permanently 'brick' the phone; you can still do a factory reset and use it. If you were dumb enough to run the update without backing up your personal data, you lose it.

      Anybody who thinks this is the end of BLU is really hallucinating.

    5. One can only hope, though.

    6. " If you were dumb enough to run the update without backing up your personal data, you lose it."

      BLU is the only phone I've heard of where every update is to be treated as a catastrophic event and requires a full backup. This, like anything else, contradicts the idea of BLU phones as being "very nice"

      I agree with what "AnonymousDecember 1, 2017 at 3:32 PM" said, as I've seen the crude poor spec products BLU puts out. A burner among burners.

      If you were dumb enough to keep a BLU phone after the 2nd or 3rd spyware scandal....

  7. The same people slamming no Blu have no problems with Apple's refusal for the FBI to gain access to a terrorists phone, I know I know "progressive", Tim Cook is more powerful than the federal government.

  8. I tried this app and took it off after a couple of days. It won't let me connect to my mobile data if there is public wifi nearby.

    I saved a grocery list to my phone and went to the store. The phone kept trying to connect to the stores wifi network which is notoriously unreliable. I kept getting an error message. I went to Datally to see how to force it to allow me to connect to my mobile data but couldn't find any such setting. Finally I had to uninstall Datally right there in the store, reboot my phone, and then I was finally able to use my mobile data plan, and complete my shopping.

    1. That is a very interesting & disturbing observation.
      Is there an easy fix for this Datally flaw?

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