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U.S. Cellular Customers Under $45 Plan Get More Data

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Good news to U.S. Cellular customers! If you have subscribed under U.S. Cellular's $45 prepaid plan, you can now enjoy more data.

As announced by the largest regional operator, data has been increased on this particular plan without affecting its price or changing any of the other prepaid plan offers. So instead of getting 5GB of data, you can now enjoy 6GB of data on your plan on either Simple Connect or Ready Connect.

Apart from the 6GB of data you'll get under this plan, you also get to enjoy unlimited talk and text. There is also an option to add unlimited talk and text to Mexico for an extra $5 per month. If you want to make unlimited talk and text to Canada instead of Mexico, you'll have to pay an extra $5.99 per month. And if you add both countries, that's an extra $10 per month.

U.S. Cellular also has this feature called MyData Vault where users on the $35 and $45 plans may extend unused data usage for an extra monthly cycle  by paying an extra $5. Once the regular data allotment has been used up, data on MyData Vault will be used.

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  1. So you have to pay $5 more just to keep the data you already paid for, even though Gophone offers rollover for free.

    They should just merge with T-mobile and be done with it.


    [duckface selfie]

    [five lines of dancing chocolate froyo emojis]

    1. Be better if they merged with at&t. I hate pink.

  2. "MyData Vault" What? "may extend unused data usage for an EXTRA monthly cycle"
    You mean they want customers to pay an extra $60/year to 'maybe' use data they have ALREADY PAID FOR...& this data vault only lasts 30 days?? Or does the data vault keep accumulating data.....

    It doesn't matter.
    This is so stupid.
    U.S. Cellular must be looking to exit the phone business.
    Throw 'em in da trash!

  3. So correct me if I am wrong...the maximum speed US Cellular allows for prepaid data is 1.5 mbs (according to the fine print in the picture)? That seems a bit strict when almost all others are 6 mbs or above.

    1. All aboard the slow lane.

      Next stop: 128kbps 5G.

    2. My $45 plan gets 5-8 mbs. Only throttled after data is used up.

  4. I know that plans give you a ceryain amount that will garauntee or attempt to garauntee full speeds without deprioritization, but, can the following be proposed?

    If I am on the $100/5 lines plan, can I ask them to charge me the $100 and just give me 1 line but that ine line will have 100 gigs of priority service?

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