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US Cellular Gains 44,000 Postpaid Smartphone Users in Third Quarter

The third quarter saw US Cellular post 44,000 postpaid smartphone net additions while gaining 35,000 overall net subscribers, which represents a significant improvement over the 6,000 net customer losses it registered during the same quarter a year ago. The 35,000 net gains also marks an increase on the 23,000 net subscriber adds the mobile operator recorded in Q2 2017.

When it comes to prepaid customers, US Cellular ended the third quarter with 31,000 net prepaid customer gains, a huge jump from the 3,000 prepaid customer adds it registered during the previous quarter. U.S Cellular now has a total of 515,000 prepaid customers. Despite bleeding 15,000 net feature-phone customers, the carrier still managed to add 6,000 net connected devices. The company’s postpaid customer turnover was at 1.16 percent, while its prepaid churn was at 4.75 percent.

According to Kenneth Meyers, the chief executive officer of US Cellular, the robust customer additions can be attributed to the success of recent promotional offers and the customers’ positive response to the Total Plans that the carrier launched about nine months ago.

Earnings-wise, US Cellular’s total operating revenue for Q3 2017 was $963 million, compared to the $1,023 million of the prior quarter. The mobile operator is also reporting a quarterly net loss attributable to US Cellular shareholders of $299 million and a related diluted loss per share of $3.51, resulting from a $370 million non-cash charge related to goodwill impairment recorded from July to September of this year. Not counting the goodwill impairment charge, the company’s net income was at $10 million, while the earnings per share was at $0.11. After releasing its Q3 2017 earnings report, US Cellular’s shares rose more than 3.5 percent this morning.

The carrier also released its full-year 2017 estimated results, with total operating revenues at $3,850 million to $3,950 million, adjusted operating income before depreciation and amortization (OIBDA) at $600 million to $700 million, adjusted earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) at $740 million to $840 million, and capex at approximately $500 million.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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  1. USCC needs to just sell becuase they can't complete. Heck, Xfinity added 250,000 mobile customers in 5 months without a network. Once T-Mobile starts deploying 600mhz and Sprint ramps up their network spending they won't be able to compete against 4 national carriers.

    1. Us cellular send to do well in the New England states, I know a few people there that have used USC for years and love the service.

    2. XFinity is on a NATIONWIDE network, and how many of those 250k adds were pure mobile business adds i.e. people who didn't have an existing relationship with XFinity?

  2. Good for them. There's nothing wrong with being small, as long as you are honest.

    A very far cry from Sprint, which is roughly in the same size league (third tier) but has a smarmy guy in a yellow shirt on TV insisting that Sprint is 99% as good as Verizon.

    "Once T-Mobile starts deploying 600mhz and Sprint ramps up their network spending"

    The first started happening months ago. The 2nd will happen when hell freezes over.

  3. I'd like to see T-Mobile make a grab for these guys and merge them with MetroPCS. The extra spectrum will help out a lot.

    1. I'd leave them if T-Mobile took over. Pink is a weak color

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