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Virgin Mobile Offers $150 Prepaid Card with Inner Circle Plan Activation

Still not convinced you want to join Virgin Mobile's Inner Circle plan? This new promotion just might seal the deal for you!

When you visit the Sprint prepaid brand's website, you'll see a banner for the newly launched promotion they are offering for those who want to be part of the Inner Circle plan. According to the banner, you'll receive a special gift-- in the form of a $150 Visa prepaid card.

What this offer means is that when you buy an iPhone and activate service on Virgin's Inner Circle plan, you'll receive a gift card that you can use to shop for anything you want.

Since the offer requires the purchase of an iPhone, you're free to choose whether you'll be getting a pre-loved, Certified Pre-Loved, or a brand new device. The prices for these devices follows:

Brand New

  • iPhone 6 - starts at $319.99
  • iPhone 6S - starts at $449.99
  • iPhone 6S Plus - starts at $549.99
  • iPhone 7 - starts at $549.99
  • iPhone 7 Plus - starts at $669.99
  • iPhone 8 - starts at $699.99 
  • iPhone 8 Plus - starts at $799.99
  • iPhone SE - starts at $279.99
  • iPhone X - starts at $999.99


  • iPhone 6S - starts at $229.99
  • iPhone 6S Plus - starts at $279.99
  • iPhone 7 - starts at $299.99
  • iPhone 7 Plus - starts at $349.99

What's the catch? Well, you need buy the iPhone by December 21, 2017 and activate it on the Inner Circle plan before January 15, 2018. Once you have activated your account, it must remain active and in good standing for two monthly account payment cycles so you can get the Visa prepaid card. The card will arrive in the mail within 14 days.

Virgin Mobile's Inner Circle includes 6 months of service for $1/month. This service includes unlimited talk, text and data.

Source:  Virgin Mobile


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  1. Do you know how long it takes before they'll unlock the phone (domestic and International)?

    Also, do you know how long the phone must be in service before you can take it to Sprint and/or Sprint MVNOs?

    1. "Hi there, @indykris!
      iPhones purchased from 6/21/17 to 9/28/17 can be unlocked after 14 days for both domestic and international.
      iPhones purchased after 9/28/17 have different requirements. iPhones purchased at an Apple store can be unlocked for both domestic and international use after 14 days and iPhones purchased through our online store (https://www.virginmobileusa.com/shop) can be unlocked for domestic use after 12 months and after 14 days for international use.
      ~Nosh_CxUx "


  2. Website shows 12/21 as promotion end date for the $150 prepaid visa card

    1. You must buy the phone by 12/21 and activate it by 1/15. I've updated the post to include both conditions. Thanks for pointing out the omission.

  3. Or you could get an Honor 7x and throw it on Mintsim.

    1. Will Virgin SIM unlock their iPhones for GSM use on ATT/T-Mobile, etc?

    2. According to When and how can I get my Virgin Mobile iPhone unl... - Virgin Mobile Community

      Virgin will unlock brand new iPhones sold by Virgin at for full retail (Apple Store) price after 15 days service. This applies to the all brand new iPhones currently sold by Virgin except for the iPhone SE which is discounted.
      Virgin will unlock all other iPhones (SE and all pre-owned phones) after 12 months of service on Virgin.

    3. Mintsim isn't a bad idea compared to Virgin. The network is 3 times as good and works n most places (Vrigin only works in a rather small area)

    4. T-Mobile's network is larger than Sprint's but it's more like 1.5 times as big, not 3 times. There are still some mid-sized cities with Sprint coverage but no T-Mobile. Places like Coos Bay OR and Wausau, WI. At least T-Mobile is expanding their coverage, unlike Sprint.

    5. T-Mobile projects new coverage in NE WS and MI UP by the end of this month.

    6. Virgin inner circle includes full roaming on the Sprint extended network and limited roaming on Verizon and other partners. It’s bigger coverage than mint sim tmo native coverage, not less!

    7. Actually the extended coverage isn't much at all, and forget the idea of using data on the Verizon "limited roaming".

      Dennis is right. Sprint coverage (and that of its divisions) is stagnated at a distant and unmoving 4th place.

      All the while the network that Mint uses T-Mobile) is growing its native footprint by leaps and bounds.

      That's real coverage... native coverage. Full and real with data too. Not fake pretended erm "Extended" coverage or marginally-useful data-less roaming onto Verizon you get on Sprint.

    8. I checked Virgin's own map pertaining to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a place that has been touted with "no worries, it is covered by Virgin Extended". It turns out that only about a third of the UP has any data at all, at best.

      Further research reveals that you might as well forget about data usage in the third of the UP covered by Virgin's pretend-extended network.

      If "we've got it covered" typically means poor third-or-less of a territory, that's really not too good.

      From the Virgin official forum:

      "Hi. Do yo know that extended data roaming description is totally wrong? It said that roaming in these areas counts as on network usage. But since last month I can’t use data at all extended areas all over the country after I have used 100 MBs including in the not extended data roaming. Customer service’s answer was “data might and might not work in these areas”. Ok, I could understand if it was in some rare areas but not all over US. So I definitely not recommend you to buy or use Virgin if you travel a lot. I’m thinking to switch.

      So there you have it. The "Sprint extended network" mentioned in the 2:46 PM comment really means little (100 mb limit enforced) or no (Virgin reserves the right not to honor data promises of the map at all) data even in the tiny areas stained red on the map.

      Yeah, I'd like to be a carrier and do what Virgin does. I'd choose, say, Cyan as the network color. Then I would publish maps with 100% of the US as cyan. Then I would quote the disclaimer Sprint Virgin uses to say that the maps don't mean anything at all:

      "Data might and might not work in these areas"

      Real confidence-inspiring, isn't it?

    9. You do get limited data roaming on Verizon with Virgin Mobile Inner Circle. And you can use as much voice, text and data as you want in Sprint Extended Network coverage, all included in the Inner Circle plan. The Extended Network adds a substantial amount of coverage to the Sprint native network. With Verizon and other roaming partners' coverage included, Inner Circle provides significantly more coverage than the native Tmo coverage with MintSIM. It's virtually the same as Sprint postpaid coverage.

    10. " And you can use as much voice, text and data as you want in Sprint Extended Network coverage, all included in the Inner Circle plan."

      Except... TL:DR of the above December 16, 2017 at 4:16 PM comment: they only offer 100 mb of data in the "Extended Network" and only then when they feel like it.
      You simply don't get these kind of monkeyshines with the actual network, the native network. That's what counts, not the compromised and (for all intents and purposes) data-free experience of roaming.

      In comparing Sprint to T-Mobile (or to any other network), it is best to compare the native footprints, not the false promises and poor experience of so-called "roaming partners" on top of that.

    11. Michigan's UP has Extended Network coverage, marked in Red, and other limited roaming which is Gray. It's easier to see when you zoom in. You can use as much mobile data as you want in the Red areas. If you go into a Gray area, you're limited to 100MB/month.

    12. Check UP of MI coverage with native T-Mobile. Only a very small amount in the far Eastern end of the UP. Huge coverage gaps in nearby North-Eastern WI that are covered with Virgin Inner Circle native Sprint and Extended Network.
      T-Mobile has NO coverage in and around Wausau WS, a medium-sized city, all the way East to Lake MI and North to the MI UP. Nobody in their right minds would choose Mint SIM over Virgin Mobile Inner Circle in these areas.

    13. Hmm; let's see. Should we believe one user's comment on a forum, or the carrier's official coverage maps. Gee, that one user would never have misjudged where they were, and used up their LIMITED data in roaming areas marked Gray on the map.
      The official maps and carrier terms must be Wrong?

    14. "Check UP of MI coverage with native T-Mobile. Only a very small amount in the far Eastern end of the UP. Huge coverage gaps in nearby North-Eastern WI that are covered with Virgin Inner Circle native Sprint and Extended Network."

      Mintsim is supposed to fill in with native coverage this winter in the UP. The Sprint coverage there allows 100mb of data... Or none at all.

      Those who need to use data in the UP should skip Virgin: there's no prospect for real coverage there.

      You are right though that anything T-Mobile based in Wausau is a bad idea for a while.

    15. Believe the Virgin website where they admit that areas without actual native Sprint coverage have little or no data allowed at all.

      There's no real Sprint coverage in the UP... just marginal roaming. T-Mobile has nothing there really now but will have good real native coverage there by Opening Day. With 21st century data amounts.

      Play ball !

    16. Actually.. come to think it, T-Mobile (like Sprint) doesn't have enough actual native network coverage in the UP to count.

      T-Mobile, like Sprint, has data and text roaming onto a major network (in this case AT&T) and a tiny amount of data. Same thing for both, really. Except T-Mobile isn't doing Sprint's trick of calling a roaming area with poor data "extended" and pretending it is as good as the real network.

      The difference is that T-Mobile will soon have an actual native network presence in most of the UP. No telling when Sprint will: they aren't even trying.

    17. Virgin Mobile website says the Red data areas are part of the Inner Circle plan, NOT limited. The Gray areas are limited. So Inner Circle has MUCH more data available in the MI UP than T-Mobile Postpaid or specific T-Mobile Prepaid plans that include limited roaming.
      Mint SIM, the alternative suggested in this post above, only offers mobile data in the far Eastern end of the UP. No roaming off Tmobile at all.

    18. "Extended voice and data provide coverage on partner networks, but usage is included as if accessed from Virgin Mobile coverage area. While accessing service in Extended coverage, usage will not accumulate towards roaming limits that may apply based on your plan, and will simply be included with your Virgin Mobile coverage use.
      Your device will indicate that you’re not on the Virgin network, but while in Extended coverage, your usage will not be limited to the roaming limits in your plan."

    19. The Sprint/Virgin areas in practice be nothing more than a possible good intent, but there's really nothing there.

      The problem is discussed at length at Howard Forum:


      "I noticed I don't roam anymore and my account shows 100M of usage (it won't roam anywhere w/ LTE)"

      "...I noticed 100MB of data roaming showing on my account. ....Once I hit 100MB it stopped, which contradicts "Extended LTE" on their coverage notes."

      And this one sums it up: there's really little or no data outside of Sprint's native footprint.

      "It's well know that Sprint does not offer very much data roaming. Sprint has really good roaming agreements with other carriers for voice and text including Verizon. Making a call almost anywhere is no problem with Sprint. Data is where things get problematic."

  4. Honestly, I'd never want a phone that was "pre-loved."

    Phones are meant to be loved by a single person, and then cast aside for one that's newer and sexier.

    And if you actually went around bragging about how cheap your pre-loved phone was, people would definitely think less of you.

    We all deserve better than that, so Virgin can keep their pre-loved phones for themselves.

    Call me possessive, but the only one who's allowed to love my phone is me...and its parents, so long as their love is purely platonic.

    1. If a phone is called pre-loved, I sure hope it is properly sanitized before resale...

    2. I had to return an iPhone 6S to Virgin Inner Circle. Somebody had loved it so much they cracked the hard glass over the camera lens!

    3. That's called tough love.

    4. "Phones are meant to be loved by a single person, and then cast aside for one that's newer and sexier."

      Is the new phone a trophy wife then?

    5. Since when have expensive phones not been trophies?

      My 2 year old $50 Idol 3 runs like butter after a weekly restart, and I'm only dumping it because it's not Volte vompatible with Tmo and the charging port is getting loose from overuse.

      To be fair though, I'm a thorough user and my phone's seen more intense love over the past year than a social media slab will see over its entire lifetime.

      The point is, she's had a good run for the past couple years, and now she's ready to retire.

      In contrast, expensive phones are sold, resold, and then passed around every year to whoever will have them, then sent back to the shop for some cosmetic and internal sprucing up, right before they're sent back out onto the tech market to repeat the process.

      The thing is, nobody ever cares what they are or what they can do. All that matters is their name, brand and look.

      Truly, trophy phones must live the saddest lives, as people only ever see them as a commodity rather than a digital companion.

      That's the real tragedy of pre-loved phones, as a pre-loved phone is just a phone nobody valued enough to keep.

  5. So virgin has different unlocking rules for different iPhones? Wow, I think I'll just skip it.

    1. "So virgin has different unlocking rules for different iPhones? Wow, I think I'll just skip it."

      Don't try to unlock an iPhone 7 with the procedure for an iPhone 8, or Richard Branson will cancel your trip to Necker Island.

  6. I'm still scarred from a Sprint experience back in 2006, they broke me! There's too much competition for my to ever consider Sprint as a viable wireless provider, TracFone has actually been much better for me, both coverage and customer service.

  7. Still holding out. I am holding on to my $35 plan until my 6S clunks out.

  8. T-Mobile now covers the Wausau area. Very new towers are active.

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