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Wi-Fi Calling Arrives on Cricket, But With a Few Hiccups

Around December 5th earlier this month, Cricket Wireless users had taken to Howard Forums and Reddit to report that Wi-Fi calling has landed on their iPhone devices via Cricket’s 31.1 carrier update and Apple’s iOS 11.2. But some users are claiming that they are getting an error when trying to enable the Wi-Fi calling feature, particularly those who own iPhone 7 Plus units.

A few had turned to Cricket’s technical support for some assistance, and was told to expect a later December 9th update that would allow them to start activating the feature. And true enough, comments posted more recently on both Howard Forums and Reddit have confirmed that Wi-Fi calling can now be used by Cricket Wireless customers.

For the record, the official twitter account of Cricket Support did clarify through a December 7th tweet that for people who bought any new iPhone devices from Cricket Wireless starting December 8th, they would be able to turn on the Wi-Fi calling feature immediately. As for Cricket customers who already own iPhone devices, they should received a new carrier software update by December 13th, granting them access to the feature.

For those Cricket users who own other non-iPhone devices, they should note that as indicated on a page on Cricket’s official website, the Wi-Fi calling-capable phones include Samsung’s Galaxy Amp Prime, and LG’s X Charge and Escape 3. The same page also warned that for those who own Wi-Fi calling-capable devices not bought from Cricket, they can still use their handset, but without the Wi-Fi Calling feature.

On a related note, it turns out Sprint customers are also experiencing Wi-Fi calling issues after installing iOS 11.2 on their iPhone units. According to Mac Rumors, the problems do not appear to affect users on Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Source: Howard Forums, Reddit

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  1. it will get straightened out Cricket and AT&T software engineers are good.

  2. What is the deal between ATT and Cricket WIFI and HD Voice capability . . It seems that it should be the same since it they are the are wholly owned by ATT.

  3. So it's basically iPhone only.

    Chirp chirp, suckers.

  4. What about AT&T Prepaid?

  5. using an unlocked zte blade z max on at&t. with wi-fi calling or hd voice enabled, it cannot send text messages. get an error message " service not authorized/available".

  6. What's so cool about wifi calling? Nothing, unless you are into international calls...or something big red is pushing.

    1. It's useful in situations in which the user has access to wifi but not cellular. So it's not completely useless. But for most people it is useless.

    2. It's great in hospitals and other big buildings.

  7. I have WiFi calling working on my iPhone 6s with Cricket, sometimes. There are times when the phone displays cricket wi-fi as my carrier, and other times when the phone will only display cricket as my carrier when I’m connected to my home WiFi.

  8. I have WiFi calling working with cricket on my iPhone 6s, sometimes. There are times when the phone will display cricket wi-fi as the carrier, and other times when the carrier is displayed as cricket when I’m connected to my home WiFi network.

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