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Apple Being Investigated by US DOJ and SEC

In the latest chain of events involving Apple and the issue of slowing down older iPhones, it looks like the company is now facing some legal concerns.

As reported earlier by Bloomberg, both the Securities and Exchange Commission and US Department of Justice have launched investigations into the issue. The investigation is intended to determine whether or not Apple committed some violation in securities laws with the software updates it released that led to certain iPhones becoming slower.

Apart from this, Apple is also facing a criminal investigation in France, where planned obsolescence is considered illegal. The company is also being investigated by an antitrust organization from Italy along with some class action lawsuits.

As of this writing, however, the investigation being conducted by the US government is still in its early stages. There is still some uncertainty about where this investigation is headed.

Back in December, Apple confirmed a report that they were throttling down the performance of certain smartphones as a way of preserving the device's battery life. The company has since apologized. They even offered a $50 discount on the purchase of batteries and also removed performance limit through an iOS update. These actions were done as a way of regaining their customers' trust.

Source: Phone Arena, The Verge

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  1. Looks like the latest lobbying check didn't clear in time.

  2. Slap on the hand is all that will happen--they have lots of money and a multitude of over paid lawyers all funded by those people using their junk.

  3. I wouldn't trust Apple unless they added on-screen navigation buttons and removable batteries.

    Until then, I'm sticking with Android.

  4. Apple, apple, apple. When are you going to see the light?

  5. Apple has excellent defenses:

    1) upgrading to a new OS is optional; the user has to make that decision himself or herself.

    2) it’s common knowledge an old processor will not be able to handle new OS as well as the latest and best processors.

    1. 1) Early OS updaters were NOT notified about the slowdown. Vague language was added later than could possibly serve as a defense, but it was not there initially.

  6. You always upgrade at your own risks.

    Apple “recommends” the upgrade, but the final decision is up to the owner. Recall that the owner has to press “yes” to the licensing agreement. I bet you somewhere in the fine print, Apple lists the risks involved but almost no one reads the entire licensing agreement.

    I was an Android user for years and most of my devices never received the upgrades. In this case I never had a slow down but my devices weren’t safe against the latest hacks / bugs / malware, etc.

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