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Google: Project Fi Users to Get Smart Reply Feature This Week

Back in 2015, Google introduced a new feature to its Inbox app. This new feature, called Smart Reply, is a predictive texting feature that makes it easier for users to reply with just a single tap. Because of how useful the feature was, it didn't take long before it was added to Google's suite. And for a while, it was exclusively available on apps like Allo, Inbox, and Gmail.

But it looks like the feature will soon be available on more devices.

Earlier today, Google announced that it will be rolling out its Smart Reply feature to its Project Fi subscribers. The announcement, made through Project Fi's official Twitter account, stated that the feature will be available this week. This means that Project Fi customers will be able to use the feature when it rolls out. They can send out automated replies through Android Messages with just one tap.

As of this writing, details about the rollout is scarce since there's no word on whether or not the feature will remain exclusive to Project Fi customers or if it will still be available to other carriers in the future. For its part, a spokesperson for Google spoke to The Verge that the feature "is only available for Project Fi users for now."

Also, another concern many users have is their privacy since the feature needs approval to conversation data before responses can be suggested. This comes as a bit of a concern since this will allow Google to analyze the SMS histories of Project Fi subscribers. And this is something not too many are keen about.

But if you're using Project Fi and you wish to enjoy this feature, all you have to do is verify that the Android Messages app on your device is up to date. Soon, you'll start seeing suggestions from Smart Reply in your conversations.

Source: XDA-Developers, Engadget


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