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Google Rolls Out New Feature that Detects Public Wi-Fi Network Speed

After a few weeks of teasing, Google has finally rolled out a new feature intended to help Android users detect the speed of Wi-Fi networks even before you connect to it.

On its recent Android 8.1 Oreo update, users will be able to enjoy this new feature. If you're outside your home and wish to connect to the internet, you can use this new feature to check the speed of the Wi-Fi network available before you can even connect to it. And although exact bandwidth readings won't be given to you, it's still a pretty big help; particularly to those who need to stay in a cafe with fast internet.

Once you use this feature, you'll be given a rough idea on how good the speed is. Look out for words like "Slow" (less than 1Mbps), "OK" (between 1-5Mbps), "Fast" (5-20Mbps), and "Very Fast" (20Mbps) and above.

So the next time you need to connect to the internet while you're in a public area, you can quickly take a look at the speeds of the Wi-Fi networks available instead of trying to connect to a slow connection without realizing it.

Have you seen this new feature on your device already?

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  1. who has android 8 oreo on their phone? only have android 7 nougat on my phone. my next phone will have android 7 nougat and may possibly be upgraded to oreo but who knows how that may turn out....

  2. Still waiting for Moto to move from 7.0 to 7.1 on G4plus. Android 8 seems like an extreme distance dream from here.

  3. This new feature is only available on Oreo 8.1, right? Guess that leaves me and my Moto G4 out (running 7.0 Nougat). May be just as well since so many wifi connections are not secure anyway... best to stick to using data instead.

  4. My Boost LG Tribute Dynasty came with 7.1.2 out of the box. I love the phone completely, but why couldn't LG have made it 8.0?

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