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Here's What's In Store for T-Mobile Tuesdays on January 30th

The first month of the year is coming to an end in just a few days. And along with this, it also means that we're seeing at the last T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion for January 2018. If you're looking forward to T-Mobile Tuesdays' January 30 edition, here's what you can expect from the carrier:

  • BOGO pretzel deal from Auntie Anne's
  • Shell gas discount
  • $15 off parking from ParkWhiz
  • Free Kate Hudson eBook from BookShout

Are you looking forward to one of these freebies? Check out T-Mobile Tuesdays for more information.

Source: TmoNews

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  1. Yay!

    Prepaid Phone Pretzel, Petroleum, Parking News

  2. Replies
    1. fill my tank with fuel savings

  3. My comment was pro-Kate Hudson. It was adjectives describing her starting with the letter "P" Why block it?

    Anon January 26th @ 6:52 PM comment is mocking & making fun of Christine's article, but you allow that?

    Looking forward to the adult in the room returning.

    1. I did not see any other comment other than the ones already approved here.

    2. Whiner... Ever though of starting your own Kate Hudson p-word blog?

      The middle of a T-Mobile news item is sure an odd place for you to start this.

  4. I really miss the weekly rundown of phone deals.

  5. A free pretzel for postpaid customers... Can you say "Slow news day"?

  6. It's the second time this month for the gas discount. 25 cents off on top of a 5 cent Fuel Rewards discount. Yay!!!

  7. For all the takers on this site, the free smartphone promo is back on. Your choice of about 8 phones when you buy a $150 ePIN to start service. You can pick any plan, including pay-go.

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