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Red Pocket Mobile's New Promotion Adds 2GB of Data on $65 Plan

The new year means new things for Red Pocket Mobile customers! Earlier today, the MVNO announced that it has made important changes to its plan and has also revealed a promotion they are offering for a limited time period.

The first on the list is the discontinued plan. On its website, the MVNO announced that the $50 plan ($45 with autopay) will no longer be offered as an option. This plan included unlimited talk, text and 5GB of 4G LTE data.

As for the new promotion that the MVNO will be offering, it announced that users under the $65 plan ($60 with autopay) will be able to get additional data for a limited time. Originally, this plan includes 8GB of data. But with the promotion, users will be able to enjoy 10GB of high speed data.

Although Red Pocket Mobile announced that this promotion will be available for a limited time, it did not specify how long it will be. But the MVNO confirmed that customers who sign into the promo will be receiving 10GB of LTE data each month throughout the promotion period. Once the promotion ends, however, they won't be able to keep the data allotment.

You may speak with a representative to learn more information about the promotion.

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  1. Of course, their eBay store prices for pre-purchasing 3 months of 1 year are better. However, these prices are not bad for 1 month.

    Of course, Straight Talk is the better deal for unlimited data -- $55 per month.

    Other problems:

    - Red Pocket Verizon is throttled at 5 Mbps, has no VoLTE or HD Voice or Wi-Fi Calling (unlike America Movil's Total Wireless or Straight Talk or even Tracfone)

    - Red Pocket AT&T on iPhone cannot handle MMS (text messages with photos or group text messages) from Android phones, unlike Pure TalkUSA or Straight Talk/Tracfone

    - Red Pocket T-Mobile is a bad deal compared to MintSIM.

  2. RedPocket is the tail that's wagging MVNO dog! Yes or No?

    Is there a match for RedPocket, on the face of it RP's rates are wallet-watering!

  3. Any price above $50 gets you unlimited on Boost, Metro, or Cricket. This isn't good deal. Their plans below $30 are a good deal. If want 2 or more lines, they're not a deal at any rate-plan. Their best deal is their 1-year plans on eBay for low usage.

    1. "Boost, Metro, or Cricket."

      And which one of these gets you full high speed data and coverage on Verizon?

    2. Answer: None of them do. Boost giving "full high speed data" in a small part of the country and no data in most of it doesn't count for much.

      Cricket gives coverage almost as good as Verizon, and speed fast enough for video. Cricket giving 8 Mbps where Boost gives 0. Cricket comes out the best of the three, at this moment in time.

  4. T-Mobile Prepaid still has 10GB LTE, then unlimited throttled for $50. No credit check.

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