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Twigby Makes Changes to Address Fraud on Its Referral Rewards Program

In an attempt to grow the number of people using the service, Twigby launched its Referral Rewards system. The rewards system was initiated during the launch of the Sprint MVNO. Ever since then, the company has been able to provide a rewarding experience for its customers.

Unfortunately, the MVNO discovered some customers that have abused the rewards system. As a result, their actions have produced a negative experience for new customers.

On an email sent out to its customers, Twigby explained that although they expected some people would find loopholes and 'game the system', they did not expect that this would be done by a lot of their customers. And while the MVNO would be willing to tolerate some of the misuse, the management has noticed that the abuse has been increasing. This incident has forced the MVNO to make necessary changes to their Referral Rewards program as a way of fighting fraudulent abuses.

The email that Twigby sent out today details that starting February 1st, their referral reward program will be changed to a $10 credit. This credit will be rewarded to both the existing customer and a friend they have referred. Referrals that have been entered before this period will still receive a $20 credit.

Twigby has decided to keep its unlimited credits for valid referrals. This means that you can refer as many people as you like so you can get the credit they have promised.

Apart from changing the amount of the credit, Twigby has plans to introduce a new way to promote Referral Rewards. This change is intended to help fight against the abuse they have encountered in the past.

Twigby has promised that they will continue its investigations as it focuses on fighting misuse of their products and services. This way, the company can continue to grow and reward those who are genuine customers.


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  1. How can one abuse the system? Seems like you have to stay a customer for several months to get any credit.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe they don't like people getting referral codes from online forums like Reddit? Or maybe some folks were using multiple names and e-mails to collect the referral reward more than once.

      It really is too bad for the rest of us who played by the rules.

  2. Referral programs are never a good idea. It's basically a giant ponzi scheme. Old customers try to get new customers to sign up for some crappy service (e.g Cricket). Where does that money come from? Well, it comes out of the pocket of paying customers. Its nothing but multi-level marketing akin to Avon/Amway/Herbalife. The worst services use referral programs.

    1. I can't speak to Cricket or any other MVNOs that offer referral rewards programs,and I haven't used the Twigby one except when I first signed up. However, with all due respect, I don't think Twigby qualifies as one of "the worst services" -- they have excellent CS via chat and e-mail, they offer free voice and SMS roaming on Verizon, and their pricing is reasonable especially for lower-end users.

    2. Cricket service is excellent. It’s ATT signal.

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