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Best Buy Offering 20% Discount on Refill Card Purchase

Cricket Wireless refill cards are currently on sale!

Head on over to Best Buy so you can enjoy discounts on your next Cricket Wireless refill card purchase. If you are buying a new SIM card or a phone at Best Buy, you can get a 20% discount on your purchase of a refill card. And if you intend to purchase all three, you'll get another $50 discount off on the price of the phone you decide to buy.

Two different SIM cards from Cricket Wireless are being offered by Best Buy. You can get the older SIM card, which is available on clearance for only $3.99. But the newer SIM card kit is also up for sale for $9.99.

Applying the 20% discount on the refill card, the price for these becomes:

  • $24 for the $30 refill card 
  • $32 for the $40 refill card
  • $40 for the $50 refill card
  • $48 for the $60 refill card
There's quite a selection for unlocked phones being offered by Best Buy. So if you decide to get a phone, a SIM card, and a refill deal, you still have another $50 discount on your total bill. One such example for this is the Samsung Galaxy S8+, which you can normally get at $824.99 from Best Buy. With the $50 discount, this price goes down to $774.99. And if you pair it with the $60 refill card, you'll end up paying a total of $822.99 instead of $884.99. That's a discount of $62. 

A similar offer is available for Boost Mobile or Simple Mobile customers. Best Buy is also offering a $50 discount on the price of a phone when you purchase it with a SIM card kit and a refill card. For Boost Mobile customers, the second month of service is also given for free when they sign up for the $50 unlimited plan refill card offered by the Sprint prepaid brand. 

Source: BestMVNO


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  1. what is the difference between the old and new cricket sim cards?

  2. that was m first question too! maybe color? and the listed plans on the old card kit are mostly wrong for current offerings?

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