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Boost Mobile Throwing In Another 15% Discount on Phones for Valentine's Day

Sweet! This is exactly what Boost Mobile's new Valentine's Day promotion brings to its customers. According to Boost Mobile's latest promotion, you can get an extra 15% off on your Android phone purchase even if the device is already on sale. That's an extra 15% savings on your part.

If you're interested in this discount promotion offered by the Sprint prepaid brand, the devices that you can get include the following options:
  • LG Stylo 3 - $110.49 (Sale: $129.99, Retail: $179.99)
  • LG Tribute Dynasty - $50.99 (Sale: $59.99, Retail: $129.99)
  • LG Tribute HD - $33.99 (Sale: $39.99, Retail: $79.99)
  • LG X Charge - $84.99 (Sale: $99.99, Retail: $149.99)
  • LG X Power - $50.99 (Sale: $59.99, Retail: $129.99)
  • Moto E4 - $42.49 (Sale: $49.99, Retail: $99.99)
  • Moto E4 Plus - $67.99 (Sale: $79.99, Retail: $129.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - $42.49 (Sale: $49.99, Retail: $129.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx - $127.49 (Sale: $149.99, Retail: $199.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - $254.49 (Sale: $299.99, Retail: $399.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 - $467.49 (Sale: $549.99, Retail: $649.99)
  • ZTE Blade Force - $67.99 (Sale: $79.99, Retail: $129.99)
  • ZTE Max XL - $84.99 (Sale: $99.99, Retail: $129.99)
  • ZTE Prestige 2 - $33.99 (Sale: $39.99, Retail: $79.99)
  • ZTE Tempo X - $25.49 (Sale: $29.99, Retail: $79.99)
The promotion is available for online purchases only. You also have to enter in the promo code VDAY upon checkout.

Once you've picked out a phone, you can pair it with either the $35 or $50 unlimited monthly plans offered by the prepaid brand. If you opt for the $35/month plan, you'll be getting unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of 4G LTE data with mobile hotspot included. Meanwhile, if you choose the $50/month plan, you'll get unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data with 8GB of mobile hotspot data.

For both plans, data deprioritization applies during network congestion. Music streaming is also included with selected partners. Taxes and fees are already included in the rate.

Boost Mobile's Valentine's Day promotion expires on February 15, 2018 or while supplies last. It is not eligible with BoostUP. 

Source: PrepaidMobilePhoneReviews


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  1. Not too bad.. A discount is a discount. :)

    1. My only interest is in seeing if such devices could be unlocked and put on a usable network instead.

  2. $35. plan has 6gb if you buy the refill card at any Walmart

  3. ...because nothing says nothing says "love" as well as a cheap burner on a dead-horse network.

    1. Brand new s7 for $254 is a good deal though, the rest of them are junk

  4. Great only if the coverage fits yoor needs.

    1. This is true for all carriers.
      VW or ATT may not work in China or India or UK, so does that mean that they do not work where they work?
      Old rehashed arguement.
      It does not work EVERYWHERE so it does not work. Garbage arguement from someone who had a bad experience.
      Sorry, but lets cut this out.

    2. Thank you for saying that, Anonymous 1:23.. I couldn't agree more. Boost and Sprint bashing is getting old. Simple solution for people. If they don't like the service they offer, just go to another carrier.

    3. We're talking American carriers. Sprint has rather poor coverage and does not meet the needs of most Americans. In light of the false ads with the guy in the yellow shirt saying it is 99% as good as Verizon, sometimes things need to be said.

      If you are bringing up China and India, you are attempting to mislead pure and simple.

      I'm sorry that telling the truth about the Sprint network is getting "old". Maybe if it ever actually became good, people would stop saying bad things about it.

      And finally, get real. This is definitely not "true for all carriers". Only for the bad ones.

  5. Boost on Valentine's day! It's love .. that is until your call drops.

  6. Replies
    1. I got back last night. I caught the flu on my trip. It turned into pneumonia.
      I'll begin posting when I feel better

    2. I hope you get well soon!

    3. Oh man! Feel good! Drink alot.

    4. So sorry to hear, Dennis.. Rest up and feel better. :)

    5. Yaay! Welcome back Dennis!
      Sorry you are sick. Be sure to drink a quart of HOT chicken broth a day (instead of tea/coffee).

  7. So sorry hear about you getting while on vacation Dennis not how I'm sure you planned and definitely not the vacation.

    Feel better and take care of yourself first as Christine does great while/when you are away.

    Better be healthy.

    You are much appreciated for this site and all The savings you help bring many 🙏

    1. Amen to that! Truly appreciate both Christine's and Dennis's efforts at PPPN, and here's wishing Dennis a speedy and complete recovery.

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