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Check Out T-Mobile's Valentine's Day Deals

Valentine's Day is coming up real fast and T-Mobile has something lined up for their customers.

Earlier today, T-Mobile announced a new Buy-One, Get-One (BOGO) deal for all service plans. If you decide to add a line, you can get the second line of free service. This will be available as a monthly credit applicable on the lowest line cost added as the offer is available.

To get this deal, you will need to have an active T-Mobile One family plan with a minimum of two voice lines. So this means that if you want to have a family plan, you can use this offer to get the fourth line for free.

Another bonus is that this free line deal can be stacked with the other offers from T-Mobile. For example, you can enroll the line in auto-pay so you can still have an extra $5 monthly fee discount. The carrier shares that this offer can also be paired with the smartphone BOGO deals available.

You can enjoy this offer as long as you maintain the three paid lines. Once you decide to have any of the paid lines cancelled, your free credits will stop too. This offer is also limited to one free line per account.

Apart from the BOGO offer, T-Mobile will also be offering a discount on Apple Watch purchases. Under this promotion, you can get a half-price discount on the second Apple Watch Series 3 you purchase. Again, this can be combined with T-Mobile's free line of service offer.

T-Mobile's Valentine's Day offer ends with a discount on select Beats headphones. You can get the Beats Solo3 at $60 off, the Powerbeats3 at $40 off, and the BeatsX at $30 off. All these offers will be available starting Saturday, February 10th.

Source: TmoNews


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  1. With Valentine's day deals like this, a think I'll stay single.

    1. Yes, with a single line. Looks like the multiple line "ponzi scheme" has ended. They do not need to counterbalance the 4.6 million line "lifeline depletion" this year.

  2. I think these are all postpaid offers...

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