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Cricket Wireless Launches Breeze-Thru Setup Process for New Activations

New customers wanting to switch to Cricket Wireless now have an easier way of activating service.

Cricket Wireless recently announced that new customers who wished to make the switch can do it on their network within a few minutes. The new setup process has been named "Breeze-Thru" because of how fast it was to make the switch. Interested individuals no longer have to make a phone call, use a computer, or even visit an actual Cricket Wireless store.

Here's how Breeze-Thru works:

  1. On your smartphone, simply insert your Cricket Wireless SIM card and power on your device. 
  2. As soon as the device is powered up, you'll see a text message with a link for the "easy setup process." 
  3. You'll need to click on the link and follow the steps. 

The Breeze-Thru service works with a GSM-compatible unlocked smartphone and a universal SIM card kit. You can head over to Cricket's national retail outlet partners Amazon, Walmart, and Target, where you can pick up either of these requirements. 

Speaking of AT&T's national retail outlet partners, there is a new report that reveals Cricket Wireless services are no longer available in GameStop outlets across the country. Wave7 Research wrote that this was because the prepaid brand's relationship with the video game retailer has ended and that the phones have been shipped back to the wireless carrier. 

Both AT&T and GameStop have not commented on the issue to verify if this is, indeed, the case. But if you intend to pick up a universal SIM card kit or a new phone, you can check out the carrier's other retail outlet partners. 

In the event that you plan to port your phone number to Cricket, it is suggested that you have a copy of your current wireless bill on hand as you go through the Breeze-Thru setup. You will also need to have a debit card, service payment card, or a Cricket refill card on hand so you can pay for your first month of service. 

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  1. Not quite on topic, but also not off topic. The reason for Gamestop no longer offering Cricket devices and service is because they used a separate payment system from Cricket Wireless, and that system became unstable and had to be shutdown. Cricket Wireless chose to not supply them with a new payment system so they can no longer sell our service at their locations.

    1. I am sure most Gamestop employees are very happy to no longer be pestered by Crickets

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