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Did You Pay Full Price for an Apple Battery Replacement? You Could Get a Rebate

Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably already know about the issue Apple is facing with regards to throttling older devices. Since then, Apple has already admitted to the issue and has apologized for it. The company also shared their plans for the future and their decision to give a discount on those who will buy a battery replacement.

Senator John Thune even penned a letter requesting Apple to give more details about its throttling issue. Soon after that, there were reports that Apple was being investigated by both the US DOJ and SEC to determine whether or not the company violated securities laws with its software updates.

Earlier today, the company replied to the Senate committee via a letter. Apple revealed that they will be offering rebates to customers who purchased a battery replacement and paid full price before they announced a discount.

At this moment, there isn't a lot of detail about this decision. But it's good to know they are doing something about the issue.

Source: The Verge

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  1. It's actually an interesting way for Apple to make this into a money maker!
    - Get people back at their stores to replace battery (instead of the small kiosk guys who have been doing this earlier)
    - Get a chance for other incidental sales, even New/Upgrade sales
    - Slight 'image' knock due their deliberate slow-down policy

  2. I've been living under a rock!! LOL

  3. My guess is that Apple thought they could hide what is happening and they surely did not think that they would be investigated. Funny how a large corporations will millions in earnings and one of the highest paid CEO's can quickly offer refunds and back pedal when they are caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They need to lose a few million customers and then perhaps they would change the way they do business.

  4. I am not living under a rock, so I knew this news already. Slow news.

  5. Where's the article about Tello's lower price? We need Dennis back.

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