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Get Unlimited Data for $35/Month from US Cellular's New Total Plan

Are you always running out of data? US Cellular has a new family plan that might interest you!

Earlier today, the regional opperator announced a new postpaid Total Plan. It includes four unlimited lines for $140 per month.That means that each line costs $35 and includes unlimited talk, text, and data. There are no activation fees, upgrade fees, data overage fees, and any monthly device connection charges.

While data under the plan is unlimited, it will be throttled to 1.5Mbps. Once you go over 22GB data per month, your data speed will be further throttled to 2G speeds.

If you are interested in getting this deal, you will have to switch four lines to US Cellular. Their condition is that you will need to buy a smartphone under a 30-month contract. Once you already have the device, you need to enroll it in autopay and paperless billing, and add Device Protection+.

Since the promotion requires four lines of service, you will need to activate a total of four lines. You also need to keep those lines active for a couple of years.

If you're interested in the promotion but don't need to activate four lines, US Cellular still has other options that you may go with. For example, there's the $45 per month plan for a single line of unlimited data. And if you need a couple of lines, you can get the $85 per month option.

You may check US Cellular's website for more information on these plans.

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  1. 1.5? Ouch! I almost physically recoiled on reading that... Cricket's 3 Mbps is bad enough and murders video to a stop-and-go 480p or 240p. I can only imagine trying to watch a YouTube clip a friend texts to you at 1.5....

    US Cellular may be trying to keep up with the Big 4's unlimited plans and all the MVNOs starting to offer it, but 1.5 Mbps is not the way to do it.

    This makes me feel bad for rural America that has to put up with US Cellular. Long live monopolies! (?)

    1. Yes, it is painful. My AT&T internet can barely maintain 1Mbps and costs $40 per month with annual contract. Sad to say, but at 1.5 this plan is both cheaper and faster.

  2. Ouch is right! They should change their name to Canadian Cellular.

  3. Thank goodness U.S. Cellular is dying. Then carriers that actually want to compete like T-Mobile and Sprint will scoop up their spectrum.

  4. Is the service 22GB of 1.5M, followed by unlimited "2G", or is it 22GB full-speed LTE, followed by unlimited 1.5M?

    I know how to read street parking signs in the big city - no tickets for over a decade, but cellphone terms still confound me.

  5. Switch four lines + buy a phone and finance for 30 months + add Device Protection + autopay and paperless billing. Because it won't just be $140 per month after you pay for the monthly phone loan and it's device protection. They don't want too much for too little do they?

  6. Plus, this "deal" requires a .... 30 month contract! In this day and age, two-and-a-half year contract?

    But -- get this -- the pricing is only guaranteed for 24 months. So they can jack up the rates for the last 6 months.

    And if you need to cancel service before 30 months (like you move to most parts of the US that have Big 4 coverage with Verizon, ATT, or T-Mobile) -- the US Cellular Early Termination Fee is $350 -- per phone!

    Because this deal requires 4 lines, that's $1400 in ETFs!

    And since this deal also requires port-ins, most current customers aren't eligible. And anybody who is eligible would be desperate or a moron to take on this deal.

  7. @Anonymous 7:22 AM

    The first 22GB are throttled to 1.5Mbps. After that, all of the 'unlimited data' is throttled to 2G speeds. At least the Big 4 and Straight Talk unlimited plans only de-prioritize you after hitting the limit, and you still have high-speed LTE during off-peak hours.

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