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Project Fi Expands International Coverage to 170 Countries Total

Project Fi is now operational in a total of 170 countries!

Earlier today, the Google hybrid MVNO made an announcement that they have added 37 new countries to its list of international coverage. This means that users can now make calls, send texts, and access data in these countries. Some of the countries added in the list include Belize and Myanmar.

But even though the list of covered international countries has increased, the MVNO says that pricing remains the same for both text and data. Meanwhile, unlimited texting is still offered across all countries on the list. In addition to this, the data remains at $10/GB until Bill Protection takes effect. This will help limit your monthly bill payment to just $80, which is allocated at $60 for data and $20 for talk/text. Lastly, phone calls made outside the US cost 20 cents per minute. This is not covered by Bill Protection.

If you are a Project Fi customer and you're getting ready for a trip abroad, you will receive a notification from Project Fi before you go out of the country. The notification will include information whether or not you will be covered by the MVNO in your international destination, as well as the data and voice call cost. The creepy part of this, however, is that Project Fi will use your correspondence in Gmail to determine where you will be going. But the good news is that you can switch off the notifications by going into your account settings.

Source: Android Police


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  1. Too bad the one country it doesn't run well in is the US. Fi is such an unreliable service. Calling and texting is a mess. Hangouts is a mess. Network switching is a mess.

    1. Yes. They need to have access to ATT or Verizon.

  2. Can't call Easter Island on this plan - that is a deal-breaker.

  3. Just purchase local sim. Cheap and easy.

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