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US Cellular posts increases in revenues and profits in Q4 2017

US Cellular has released its earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2017, and the carrier has managed to register increases in terms of operating revenues and profits during the final three months of last year.

For Q4 2017, US Cellular posted $1,029 million in total operating revenues, improving upon the $1,006 million operating revenues it had recorded during the same period in the previous year. The mobile operator also reported a net income attributable to US Cellular shareholders of $273 million, while registering related diluted earnings per share of $3.18. Not counting a benefit of $269 million related to the passing of a new tax law, the company finished the fourth quarter of last year with a net income attributable to US Cellular shareholders of $4 million and related diluted earnings per share of $0.05. During the final quarter of 2016, the company had a net loss of $6 million and related diluted loss per share of $0.07.

Apart from releasing its financials for the final quarter of 2017, US Cellular also took the opportunity to report earnings for the whole year. The fifth biggest carrier in the United States had total operating revenues of $3,890 million for 2017, representing a slight dip compared to the $3,990 million it posted for the whole year of 2016.

US Cellular’s yearly net income for 2017 was at $12 million, and related diluted earnings per share at $0.14. When adjusting to exclude new tax legislation, they should equate to net income of $50 million and related diluted earnings per share $0.58, versus 2016’s $48 million net income and $0.56 earnings per share.

In terms of customer movement, the company recorded net additions of 5,000 postpaid subscriptions, improving its total to 4.518 million subscriptions. As for prepaid, the carrier gained 4,000 net additions, increasing its total to 519,000.

With regards to customer turnover, the fourth quarter of 2017 saw US Cellular’s churn rate improve to 1.27 percent, compared to Q4 2016’s 1.41 percent. However, this 1.27 percent churn rate was not better than the 1.16 percent posted during the previous quarter (Q3 2017).

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  1. That low churn rate is amazing, but not surprising. US Cellular operates as a quasi-monopoly in most of the areas they serve. There is simply no other choice, and they know it. No one in their right mind would pay the rates they ask for 1.5Mbps "Unlimited" and the very poor equipment selection. The network is lagging severely behind technology and capacity-wise as well.

    1. As one caught by having them or no service I wish Verizon would buy them out.

    2. Supposedly T-Mobile's band 71 overlaps quite a bit of USCC's current monopoly.

  2. Now's a good time to cell.

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