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Boost Mobile's You're in Luck Offer Gives You an Extra 15% Discount on New Phone Purchase

St. Patrick's Day is happening on Saturday and we're already seeing shades of green everywhere we go. In line with this celebration, Boost Mobile has unveiled a new St. Patrick's Day Sale called "You're in Luck." With this promotion, you can get more discounts on their discounted Android smartphones.

The Sprint-owned prepaid network is giving up to 15% off to its users when they purchase a new Android smartphone. These smartphones already have a discount in them so the promotion makes this discount even greater.

The smartphones that are available under the "You're in Luck" offer include the following options:

  • LG Stylo 3 - $110.49 instead of $129.99 (retail price: $179.99)
  • LG Tribute Dynasty - $50.99 instead of $59.99 (retail price: $99.99)
  • LG Tribute HD - $33.49 instead of $39.99 (retail price: $79.99)
  • LG X Charge - $84.99 instead of $99.99 (retail price: $149.99)
  • Moto E4 - $42.49 instead of $49.99 (retail price: $99.99)
  • Moto E4 Plus - $67.99 instead of $79.99 (retail price: $129.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge - $42.49 instead of $49.99 (retail price: $129.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx - $127.49 instead of $149.99 (retail price: $199.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - $254.99 instead of $299.99 (retail price: $399.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 - $424.99 instead of $499.99 (retail price: $599.99)
  • ZTE Blade Force - $67.99 instead of $79.99 (retail price: $129.99)
  • ZTE MAX XL - $99.99 instead of $84.99 (retail price: $129.99)
  • ZTE Prestige 2 - $33.99 instead of $39.99 (retail price: $79.99)
  • ZTE Tempo X - $25.49 instead of $29.99 (retail price: $79.99)

Once you've selected your device, you can pair it up with one of Boost Mobile's unlimited monthly plans. Right now, the prepaid brand has announced a $60 monthly Unlimited Plus promotional plan; which comes with unlimited talk, text, 4G LTE data, HD streaming, 20GB of mobile hotspot data, and 50 domestic voice roaming minutes. The plan has a limit of 23GB data usage per month in times of network congestion. This promotional $60 plan is available until April 5th.

If you are interested in taking part in Boost Mobile's St. Patrick's Day Sale, you simply have to type LUCKY upon checkout. You only have a limited time to get the 15% discount so make sure you check out the website if you plan on getting one.

Source: Prepaid Mobile Phone Reviews


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  1. boost is only good when locking the phone on to 3g only... no problems... always strong signal... so that $60. plan is pointless for hd bc 3g can't really handle 3g... when i lock all my boost phones on to 3g everything streams at 480p which is fine for a phone... ill stick with the $45. plan after my $5. monthly discount

    1. Locked down to 3g as opposed to?

  2. as opposed to the lte setting under network settings

  3. Boost Mobile - the reception's so bad, they're all but stealing your money

  4. That is silly, I am in denver metro area, I have a zte max xl and I run speedtest.net I constantly get over 100 mbps download, I run tests all day long against my friends who have verizon atat and tmobile and I always win LOL

  5. Boost mobile has high data speeds in some areas and slow data speeds sometimes only 500 ft away from the high speed areas. Boost mobile 3g speeds were 325kbps for years and then they cut them down to 160kbps so it is not possible to stream in 480p in 3g with boost mobile

  6. all im saying is that i keep boost service bc of the low price phones and selection of them and the low price service and 8gb of included hotspot... but in order not to be frustrated... in my area i need to lock the phones in 3g mode and they work perfectly... as soon as i change the network setting to lte or automatic its the worst phone service ive ever used... maybe this trick will help some boost customers out there

    1. I agree with what is being said about manually switching to 3g on Boost. I've done that at times in my area and it seems to make an improvement. When on LTE, the phone seems to lag constantly searching for LTE (even though you are showing 1-2 bars) whereas on 3g it just consistently works. And I typically get 1.x download speeds on 3g. Probably not a ringing endorsement for Boost, but it works for me most of the time. And LTE does work quite a bit of the time.

  7. and for the record... i just did a speed test on 3g and it said 1.3 mbps

    1. Try using www.fast.com for accurate speed tests. It is the preferred speed test for app developers that need to know how their apps work under throttled speeds.

  8. It is silly (Unknown 3/16 6:50 AM). I consistently get 20 to 40 mbps (and as high as 60) all around metro Atlanta. Boost's service has worked very well for me locally and also on road trips across the country.

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