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Charter Hires Ex-Sprint Executive for New Wireless Service Sector

Charter, the second largest cable TV company in the US, is planning to expand its network by entering the mobile phone sector. This was confirmed earlier with a report that Charter hired a former Sprint executive to spearhead the operations.

According to the reports, Charter has hired Danny Bowman as its new Chief Mobile Officer. With this appointment, it just goes to show how serious Charter truly is in launching a new mobile network. Bowman, who used to work for LeEco, Samsung, Sprint, and Nextel, will be the man behind the mobile business operations. His responsibilities at the new post includes forging strong partnerships with suppliers and to launch Charter as a wireless network. 

As of this writing, not much is known about the types of service that Charter will be offering in its new network. They are said to launch their service plans in the second half of the year so it might be worth waiting around for that announcement to be made.

Based on a recent FCC filing, Charter shows to be an ambitious company; especially since they have plans to run operations more than an MVNO. The company expressed that they intend to offer full mobility support by combining "Wi-Fi with multiple 4G and 5G access technologies" in order to provide a seamless experience to its users.

This isn't the first time a cable TV company ventured into mobile tech. As a matter of fact, Comcast made the first move by offering Xfinity Mobile. Looking at things from this perspective, it's likely that Charter will be following the same footsteps as the cable provider and offer service plans that are as competitive as the ones offered by Xfinity Mobile.

Source: BGR


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  1. I think Charter needs to focus on its wired network.

  2. If Charter wants to make its wireless a dismal fourth-class failure, they are going about it the right way.

  3. It doesn't really matter who they hire, if they price the product wrong, the new guy will be out of a job within weeks (with an $80 million "compensation" package of course).

  4. "Bowman used to work for LeEco, Samsung, Sprint, and Nextel"

    "former Sprint executive

    "spearhead the operations"

    In other words, the guy enriched himself by being a part of multiple failures and mistakes before sailing away on a golden parachute to his next job.

    I'm sure this will turn out like all the others.

  5. Great, so another Sprint guy can ruin a wireless service. If Sprint had competent managers, the company wouldn't be operating at a loss.

  6. I sure hope that their venture is using the ATT or Verizon network. Otherwise it will be a failure.

    1. My gosh. Verizon will soon have so many mvnos on them, when the cdma shuts down, everyone will be like "what happened"?

    2. Good. I am Charter Cable subscriber and I look forward to see what they have to offer for wireless.

      -Dennis BourniqueMarch 27, 2018 at 8:18 AM

      Charter will use Verizon."

  7. Most mobile carriers want content, this is role reversal. Like Xfinity did.

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