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Cricket Wireless Celebrates 19th Birthday with $19 Smartphone Offer

Cricket Wireless is celebrating its 19th birthday on March 17. And as a way of celebrating this, the AT&T prepaid brand is giving its new customers a reason to smile.

From March 9th until the 18th, Cricket Wireless will be offering select LG, Samsung, and many more devices for only $19. This promotion is applicable to customers who make the switch between these dates.

Among the specific models available under this $19 promotion include the following:

  • HTC Desire 555
  • LG Stylo 3
  • LG X Charge
  • Samsung Amp Prime 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Halo (16GB and 32GB)

If you're on the hunt for a new smartphone and planning to switch to Cricket Wireless, now is your chance to get these devices for only $19. You simply have to switch to one of Cricket Wireless' qualified plans with at least $30/month so you can enjoy these services with your new phone:

  • Unlimited calls, texts, data, and picture messages when calling to and from Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. 
  • Unlimited texts from the U.S. to 38 countries
  • Unlimited data access, calls, texts, and media messages across the U.S. 

When you sign up with Cricket's Unlimited 2 plan, you also get a $10 bill credit each month for a total of one year. This means you get to save $120 in one year's time. And if you enroll your device in Auto Bill Pay, that's a total savings of $180. 

If you would like to learn more about Cricket's $19 offer, visit their website today. 

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  1. Those phones should be free, especially since Cricket has throttled speeds. They shouldn't charge the same prices as other carriers.

    1. Wow, talk about entitled. Perhaps they should come draw you a bath and rub your feet too.

    2. Now that'd just be creepy as all heck, unless they sent over their finest office bunnies to do it.

      And if they threw some burgers on the grill so me and the boys could watch the game, well that'd just make my day.

  2. Actually, you can use the $30 plan, it doesn't have to be the unlimited 2. The unlimited 2 is listed as a separate deal. See fine print in source link.

  3. The galaxy s8 for 350 is a great deal.

  4. What are the cheapest port-in options these days ?

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