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Source Reveals Apple is Coming Up with a Foldable iPhone Device

Foldable devices have long been anticipated as the next best thing when it comes to mobile tech. As a matter of fact, Samsung unveiled its very own foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy X at MWC 2018, proving that this was more than just a concept device. Apart from Samsung, Lenovo demonstrated its own foldable device a few years ago.

Following in on this trend, Apple is said to be working on something similar.

As unveiled by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Apple has plans to produce its own version of a foldable iPhone. The report showed that the smartphone manufacturer is already working with its Asian partners as it intends to release this device within a couple of years.

In a note sent out to clients, senior analyst Wamsi Mohan confirmed that the tech giant is "working with suppliers on a foldable phone (that potentially could double up as a tablet) for launch in 2020." Mohan also shared that the OLED iPhone models expected to be released this fall look to be unchanged except for their size. This was confirmed after the executive met with several Apple suppliers based in Asia.

But while other smartphone manufacturers still seem to be conceptualizing on this matter, it looks like Apple is already doing something to make it happen. Back in October, a Korean website revealed that Apple could be working with LG to make this happen. The source of the report, however, remains anonymous.

When asked for a confirmation about this report, Apple did not yet give a response so it's something we will have to keep an eye out on.

Source: CNBC

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  1. Oh wow a $1,000 dollar flip phone!

  2. Enter your comment...Main thing is...how do you fold a big screen without that stupid line in the way at the folding point?

  3. more like $1,200 iPhone! us prepaid users wouldn't pay more than $50. for a phone anyway... we are all frugal and smart with our phone choices

  4. Let's be honest. The only reason this won't crash hard is because of iSheeple.

    In a market without brand loyalty, foldable phones have been a complete flop due to their overall lack of utility when compared to slabs.

    And as of now, the innovations in batteries, casings and screens needed to make foldable phones revolutionary simply aren't there.

    Sure, you could be delusionally optimistic and claim Apple can still pull it off within the next 2 years.

    But the iPhone's lack of revolutionary innovation over the past few years just hammers home the point that Apple's only following thoughtless and impractical design trends in order to cover up the fact that they're completely out of new ideas.

    Add in the fact that even Samsung, the guys with the biggest vested interest in getting their X out to market, still haven't cracked the science on how to make screens uncrackable from frequent folding, and it doesn't look like worthwhile foldability will be coming to flagships any time soon.

    It'll be even longer before the feature gets perfected and comes to mid-range/budget devices, so give or take at least 4 years before this is even remotely relevant to the prepaid market.

    After all, even if Apple does dump tons of money into R&D to do what's currently impossible, they'll have to jack the price up insanely high just to recoup their losses.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the foldable iPhone hit the $1500-$2000 price range, which would make it a luxury good and a complete non-starter for most of the country.

    Then the Samsung X would come along at a lower price and curbstomp Apple anyway, which makes you wonder how Apple's strategy could end in any other way than the iPhone's failure once it becomes as expensive and irrelevant as the Goldvish Eclipse.

  5. FTW an "SE" version with a horizontal flip and a three to four inch screen like the old razr 2.

  6. double screen folding iphone. yeah, and double the price because it's going to be like buying two iphones with a hinge holding them together. and, perhaps needless to say, double your cracked screens for all of the fumble thumbs out there.

  7. I will put a hinge on my 2 new free iPhone SEs ... BAM! - It's a foldable iPhone now. 🤪

    1. Great idea for a dual SE case with a hinge :)

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