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Bring Your Own Phone to AT&T Prepaid and Get $50 Free Service

AT&T Prepaid is giving its customers $50 of free service.

The promotion starts on April 6th and will run until June 8th. In order to be eligible for the offer, you will have to activate and pay for a new line of service under the $65 or higher monthly plan available from AT&T Prepaid. Once you have purchased the plan successfully, you need to sign up for AutoPay 

Multi-line accounts are also eligible for the AutoPay requirement as long as the account owner has signed up for AutoPay. Credits will be applied to the account owner directly.

So in a nutshell, you will receive the $50 free service credited to your account once you do the following:

  • Activate and pay for a $65 or higher monthly plan. This does not include taxes and other fees.
  • Bring a phone or buy a new one at full price. There are some applicable restrictions. 
  • Stay active on the qualifying plan. 
  • Sign up for AutoPay. 

There are some things you should know about this promotion. The offer restricts ineligible AT&T Prepaid devices purchased at the time of activation as well as these specific Android phones:

  • Alcatel CAMEOX
  • Alcatel idealXCITE
  • AT&T Z223
  • Huawei Ascend XT
  • LG B470
  • LG Phoenix
  • Samsung Galaxy Express Prime2
  • ZTE Blade Spark
  • ZTE Maven 3

Apart from these phones, the offer also restricts minute plan, daily plan, and $30, $35, and $45 monthly plans as these are not eligible for the promotion. 

AT&T Prepaid plans are not refundable. Charges, fees, usage, and other restrictions and exclusions may apply. 

So when will you receive the $50 free service credit? Within 21 days of the first monthly payment, the account will be credited with the money. 

This offer is available online and in-store at participating AT&T locations only. 

Source: AT&T

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  1. Cell providers in US, make such complicated , convoluted promo`s!

    1. Not really. The article is convoluted. Whole thing could have been summarized in one or two sentances. " BYOP to AT&T prepaid $65 or higher plan and receive $50 account credit during first month. Offer requires auto pay, multi-line accounts eligble, see here for short list of ineligible android phones. "

      I'll great you that the ineligible phones list is weird. Pretty sure some of those listed were NOT AT&T prepaid exclusive models?

  2. So only the worst plan is eligible.

    Gonna take a big ol' pass on this one.

    1. I had to take a pass on most of the offers this year. I will pass on this one too.

  3. This offer shows how the once big carrier is in dire straits.

    ATT very badly needs our $$$ but really big bucks!

    ATT and the like should be happy for the past time where it had a captive market and pray for the future!

    1. How does a lousy $50 credit that's saddled with restrictions and doesn't even cover the first month's service show that AT&T is hurting?

      AT&T made a $160.5 billion profit last year and most of it did not come from prepaid wireless. They don't need new prepaid customers and this offer shows it.

    2. More like they have there customers on dire straits. Even if everything goes wireless, resulting in competition on the fronthaul side for connectivity, they still have a control of the backhaul side.

  4. Am confused though so is $50 credit ongoing as long as you keep the plan you'll continue get $50 credit on $65 dollar plan is that right?

    And I can bring like a Samsung Galaxy J7?

    Much appreciated.

    1. It's a one time $50 credit, not recurring.

      J7 should be fine. If it's not an AT&T phone, it needs to be unlocked and a J7 version that supports AT&T's bands.

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