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Cricket Shutting Down "Ad It Up" Rewards Program

According to an email received by a reader, Cricket Wireless is shutting down its Cricket Ad It Up reward program. Ad It Up is an Android app that displays ads on the phone's lock screen. Users can swipe left and right to see more ads. Users earn points good for bill credits and prizes when they swipe or tap the ads.

The email to Cricket users says that Ad It Up will shut down April 29.  Users can redeem points for Amazon gift cards or Cricket bill credits until the the 29th. After that any remaining points will be converted to Cricket bill credits. It looks like the Cricket Ad It Up app has been pulled from the Play store.

Ad It Up, which launched asa beta November 28, 2017, was a replacement for another Cricket loyalty program called Cricket Rewards that also let users earn points toward bill credits and gift cards by playing games, paying your bill on-time, and checking in at Cricket stores. A key difference was that the Rewards app didn't take over your phone's lock screen or display ads.  Rewards was actively promoted by Cricket and seemed quite popular with frequent mentions by users on social media. Ad It Up never got out of Beta and never seemed to gain much traction.

The shut down email encourages Ad It Up users to take a survey to "make our Cricket Ad It Up app even better" which sounds like the Ad It Up might be coming back.

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  1. Seems like Cricket is shutting everything down to merge with ATT prepaid.

  2. I have refer 5 people to switch, but i have see a dime reward so all these reward just a lie.

    1. Did your referrals stay with Cricket Wireless for more than 2 months? If not, there's your reason why no credit was given.

  3. Oh gosh. Glad they like starting betas...

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