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Cricket Wireless Launches New Refer A Friend Program

Back in November, Cricket Wireless shut down its popular Cricket Rewards program. The program launched in 2015 as a way for users to earn account credits and points that they can use to redeem gift cards from their favorite retailers, such as Target, Amazon, and many others. The program worked by giving a $25 account credit to you and a person you referred to sign up with the AT&T prepaid brand.

Apart from the credit, the program lets you earn points when you pay your bills on-time, play games, or even by checking in at a Cricket store.

There was no word as to why Cricket decided to shut down its Rewards program even though it was a hit among its users. The prepaid brand did not even give its customers much advance warning about the changes it was implementing with the Rewards program. The only way we were able to know about it was through a leaked screenshot sent by a former Cricket Store employee.

Today, however, it looks like Cricket Wireless has had a change of heart.

Earlier today, the AT&T prepaid brand announced that it will be launching a new Refer A Friend program this Sunday, April 22nd. Just like the previous program, you can earn a $25 account credit for every referral you send over and signs up with Cricket's service (up to $250 each calendar year). You and your referral will both earn the credit.

If you are interested in referring a friend, you simply have to send a unique referral code that you can get from your myCricket account. You can get this online or through the myCricket app. This will automatically earn you the credit after 60 days of the new service, as long as the account is not cancelled.

Once you have enough referrals, you can keep track of them through the app. Whenever a credit is applied, you will receive a text message informing you of this. You are then free to use the account credit towards service or features available under your account.

You can start sending your unique referral code on April 22nd so you can earn big through your referrals once again.

Source: Cricket Wireless

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  1. The company processing the previous rewards program terminated their main reward program around the same time.

  2. This company just play with changing names... haha

  3. Gonna take a big ol' pass on this one, at least until they offer unlimited unthrottled 20mbps for $50 or less.

    I mean, they haven't increased their bandwidth allotment in years, not since AT&T first took them over.

    Meanwhile, the interweb's only become hungrier and hungrier, no matter how much AT&T keeps wishing it were still '05.

    Cricket needs to get with the times and offer somethin' a little better, or else they're gonna keep losin' on coverage and speed to Little Red and Junior, respectively.

  4. I’ll take the $250 credit.

    1. How?

      That's only if you can get 10 referrals every year who don't cancel their service within 60 days.

      But for the average customer, that's just not likely.

      Unless you fit into a certain specific niche where maximizing the credit every single year is even possible, that referral bonus is barely even a factor when compared to the higher cost and slow throttle (relative to Metro).

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