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Buy New Phone from Republic Wireless and Get 3 Months of Service for Free

When you're getting a new phone and wireless service, the expenses can get pretty costly; especially if you pick out a plan that's not suitable for you. In most cases, the cost of the new phone will set you back a few hundred dollars already. And you'll only have a small amount left for the plan you'll be using with the phone.

Thankfully, Republic Wireless has come up with an offer that will take care of these expenses; at least for the next three months.

Earlier today, the Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO unveiled a new promotion that helps new customers save some money when they get service. Instead of having to worry about spending money on a wireless service, Republic is offering the first three months free to new subscribers.

This isn't the first time the MVNO ran a promotion similar to this. Earlier this year, the company also unveiled a similar promotion. The MVNO offered three months of unlimited talk. text, and 2GB of LTE data for free in exchange for ordering a SIM card kit. New subscribers who wanted to take advantage of this offer only had to bring an eligible phone or purchase a new one from Republic Wireless.

This time around, however, Republic has changed a teeny-tiny bit of the details in the new promotion. Instead of giving three free months of service to new customers who would bring their phone to the network, the MVNO has limited this offer to those who purchase a new phone from them.

The devices eligible for this promotion include the following:

  • Alcatel A30 - $89
  • Moto E4 - $129
  • Moto E4 Plus - $199
  • Moto G5 Plus - $229
  • Moto G5S Plus - $279
  • Moto G6 - $249
  • Moto X4 - $399
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 - $149
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 - $199
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 - $599
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 - $719

If you are interested in this promotion, you simply need to order the phone before 11:59 PM EST of June 6. You also have to activate a new line of service before July 7. You can then start using your free three months of service, which comes with unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of high speed data per month. If you need more data, you will need to purchase it from Republic at $5 per GB. This doesn't include taxes and fees. 

If you don't want to purchase a new phone, you can still bring your own compatible device and get free service. But instead of the original offer that will give you three months, you will only get one month of service for free. 

A good thing about this promotion is that there is a 14-day money back guarantee. If the free plan and phone is not fit for you, you can get a full refund when you return everything. 

Source: BestMVNO   


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  1. It would appear Republic raised the price of their phones to cover the service. Otherwise, they are overcharging customers on phones all the time.

  2. Only 1GB/mo? Is that some sort of sick joke?

    That's like 15 minutes of streaming at 8mbps on Cricket.

  3. Sooo....what are Republic's plan prices?
    What's the purpose of this article other than to force people to click onto Republic's website?
    Not very informative.

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