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Get the iPhone SE with 60-Day TracFone Service for Only $234.99

You can now get your hands on an Apple iPhone SE 32GB model and pair it with 60 days of service for only $234.99.

TracFone Wireless is currently running a promotion where you can get this device for $234.99. It comes bundled with the prepaid brand's $35 plan with 750 minutes of talk, 1000 texts, and 1GB of high speed data for 60 days.

Only two iPhone SE models may be purchased by each customer.

If you're not interested in the iPhone SE, there are plenty of other devices you can go for. Here are your options:

  • Alcatel PixiAvion LTE - $9.99 (regular $29.99)
  • Alcatel Pixi Charm LTE - $4.99 (regular $29.99
  • Alcatel Pixi Eclipse - free with plan purchase 
  • Alcatel Pop ICON - free with plan purchase
  • Apple iPhone 6S 32GB - $299 (regular: $449)
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus 32GB - $399 (regular: $549)
  • LG Premier LTE - $39.99 (regular $79.99)
  • LG Rebel 2 $39.99 (regular $59.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro - $59.99 (regular: $99.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro – $99.99 (regular: $149.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Luna - $29.99 (regular: $79.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 - $379.99  (regular: $529.99
  • Samsung Galaxy Sky - $49.99 (regular $89.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy Stardust - free with plan purchase
  • ZTE Cymbal LTE - $24.99 (regular $79.99)
  • ZTE Majesty Pro Plus - $29.99 (regular $49.99)
  • ZTE ZFive 2 - $9.99 (regular $59.99)
  • ZTE ZFive C LTE - $39.99 (regular $49.99)
  • ZTE ZMax Champ - $19.99 (regular $99.99)

TracFone is also offering 15% discount on the 1-Year Pay as You Go card with the 44412 promo code. Regularly, this card costs $99.99 but is currently only $84.99. The card includes 400 minutes of talk, text and web. You have until May 31st to use the promo code.

Get to know more about TracFone's offers by visiting their website.

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  1. What a crappy deal, compared to the recent MetroPCS free iPhone SE, and also the great Tracfone triple-everything smartphone deals on Target-website-purchased cards.

  2. Or you could wait a couple weeks and get the vastly better E4 Plus.

  3. Psssst!

    You can't use the 400 minute/year card on Smartphones for TracFone anymore unless you have a sim activated before a year or so ago.
    Or, at least the 400 min/yr card won't triple/triple/triple anymore for TracFone sims activated within past year roughly.

    Or maybe I missed an article or two where Slimey Slim is allowing triple/triple/triple again for smartphones.

    1. True, but if you have a New Old Stock TMFL BYOP Sim then you will still get the benefit of TMFL. If you deactivate a VZW BYOP SIM don't throw it away because it can be reactivated....... not so lucky with GSM Sims though.

    2. In all honesty, the older Paygo cards/Plans are not all that competitive with the Smartphone Plans, the Paygo plans only benefit a small majority of Smartphone users.
      I would venture to say that TF will mothball the basic phone service in the coming year or so, very few TMFL basic phones are even sold.

  4. This is beyond ridiculous! Who in their right mind uses this? You get way better deals with AT&T prepaid, Verizon prepaid, Metro PCS, Boost Mobile, and other prepaid providers with unlimited talk, text, and a good amount of LTE data.

    1. PayGo plans like TracFone's can be cost effective for customers who use less than 150 minutes and texts per month. Some TracFone customers spend less than $10 per month. Why pay more for something you won't use?

    2. I love the look on friends faces when I tell them that I can operate my iPhone 7 on about $7.00 a month


    3. You won't love the look on your face when slime steals your balance. Only a matter of when not if.

  5. I bought a new SE last summer for $150 from Best Buy. It was labeled as a GoPhone. It's locked to AT&T, but I use it with an AT&T MVNO and it works great. Much better deal than this.

  6. I don't see the appeal of this "deal" because you are required to be on their service for 12 months before you can unlock it. so the actual TOTAL cost would be $234.99 plus all those extra months you are required to sign up for if you want it unlocked.

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