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GreatCall Running Mother's Day Promotion on Jitterbug Phones

With Mother's Day coming up, it's no surprise to see companies publishing different offers. GreatCall, an MVNO operating under Verizon's network, is no exception to that. From today until Mother's Day 2018, the MVNO is running a promotion that will give its customers a chance to save money on the purchase of a Jitterbug phone and new line of service.

According to the announcement, you can save 25% on your purchase of a new device and service. GreatCall is offering two Jitterbug cellphones models that you can choose from, the Jitterbug Flip and the Jitterbug Smart.

Jitterbug Flip

The Jitterbug Flip is a flip phone comprised of two displays-- an internal 3.2-inch main display that comes with HVGA TFT screen and an external color display with 1.44-inch size. What's remarkable about this phone is that it has big buttons, perfect for its intended market. The device is powered by a 1.1GHz processor with 1GB of internal storage. There is a 2-megapixel camera with flashlight also available.

Regularly, the Jitterbug Flip is priced at $99.99. With GreatCall's Mother's Day discount, you get to save $25 from the phone with its limited-time price of $74.99.

Jitterbug Smart

The other phone you can buy from GreatCall is the Jitterbug Smart. The device is a 4G LTE smartphone that comes with a 5.5-inch color HD TFT touchscreen display with a resolution of 720x1280. The phone is powered by a 1.1GHz quad-core processor with 8GB of internal storage and up to 32GB memory expansion via a microSD card. The phone has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS.

The regular price of the Jitterbug Smart is $149.99. Thanks to the discount, you can get the phone for only $112.49 and save $37.50.

Emergency Response Devices

In addition to these two phones, GreatCall is also offering a discount on its Urgent Response device and Lively Mobile Medical Alert device. The Urgent Response device is a water-resistant response button that works with your smartphone. With a push of the button, you have access to 5Star Agents who can notify family members in the event of an emergency.

The Lively Mobile Medical Alert device on the other hand is another water-resistant emergency response device that comes with a built-in two-way speaker. The device has enhanced GPS location technology.

Both devices regularly cost $49.99 individually. There is a discount of $12.50 with the promotion so you can get either for only $37.49.

GreatCall Service Plans

Once you've picked out a phone you would like to purchase, you can choose from one of the service plans offered by GreatCall. For starters, there's the Health & Safety Package plans that include the following options:

  • Basic Plan ($19.99) - includes 5Star Service access
  • Preferred Plan ($24.99) - includes 5Star Service access, GreatCall Link, and Urgent Care
  • Ultimate Plan ($34.99) - includes 5Star Service access, GreatCall Link, Urgent Care, Personal Operator, and Handset Replacement

There is also an option to get one of GreatCall's packages:

  • $14.99 plan - comes with 200 minutes
  • $19.99 plan - comes with 600 minutes
  • $29.99 plan - comes with 1500 minutes
  • $39.99 plan - comes with 3000 minutes
  • $3/month - 300 texts
  • $6/month - 700 texts 
  • $10/month - 1250 texts 
  • $15/month - 2500 texts 
  • $2.49/month - 40 MB of data 
  • $5/month - 100 MB of data
  • $10/month - 200 MB of data
  • $15/month - 500 MB of data
  • $20/month - 1 GB of data
  • $30/month - 2.5 GB of data

You can also get GreatCall's Unlimited Monthly Talk & Text plan for $49.99 per month, which includes 100MB of data. If you bundle this with one of the Health & Safety Packages, you get unlimited data included and it will only cost $40 per month. 

Get to know more about GreatCall's plans by visiting their website. Their Mother's Day promotion ends on May 13, 2018. 


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  1. That flip on VZW will stop working by end of 2019?

    1. Not completely, and that date may be extended. Flip has location services through EVDO (0/1) and 4G LTE bands (4/13). When the 5Star button is pressed, it uses both GPS and Wi-Fi (if near a Wi-Fi network) to provide to the emergency response agent. No other WiFi capability.

    2. So, assuming no date extension, the flip MAY still work for emergency location purposes but what about normal voice calling use?

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