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Project Fi Offers Discounts and Service Credit With Purchase of New Phone

New and existing customers of Google's Project Fi have something to look forward to as the company announces a few offers.

$100 Service Credit With Pixel 2 XL Purchase

For a limited time only, Project Fi is running a device promotion where customers can get a $100 service credit with their purchase of a Pixel 2 XL. In order to get this credit, you need to purchase and activate the device before 11:59 PM PT on May 14, 2018. Only one device is available per customer.

$249 Service Credit with 2 Moto X4 Purchase + $150 Discount

Apart from the $100 service credit, Project Fi has extended another promotion where customers can get $249 service credit. Customers who purchase a couple of Moto X4s can get a service credit worth $249. And when they activate the phone on Project Fi within 30 days of purchase, they can still get $150 discount on each device. You will need to purchase the device via fi.google.com and activate it within 30 days of shipment so you can get the discount.

The $249 service credit promotion has been extended to May 29, 2018. In order to get the credit, you need to remain as an active customer for at least 21 days.

$120 Off on Pixel XL

Another promotion offered by Project Fi is the $120 off on the Pixel XL (first generation). Again, this requires activation within 30 days and is available for a limited time period.

Bill Protection Plan

Once you've picked out your device from the promotions offered, you can pair it with one of Project Fi's prepaid plans. The good news is that Project Fi has released its new Bill Protection plan.

Project Fi charges $20/month plus tax for unlimited voice and messaging plus $10/GB for data. Customers get a refund for unused data. So if you only use 1.5 GB you pay $15, not $20. With Bill Protection, data after 6 GB or $60 per month is free. Subscribers no longer have to pay for data once they have reached $60 or 6 GB per month. The free data is throttled to 256 kbps. Customers who want to use (and pay for) more than 6 GB of high speed data have the option to disable Bill Protection.

Get to know more about this new Bill Protection plan by visiting Project Fi's website.

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  1. So no one is refunded for unused data? ?No longer getting $5 credit on account if there is 1/2 GB left over at the end of the month?

    1. Unused data is still refunded. I've updated the post to make that clear.

    2. You have once said to me "If Red Pocket starts to offer Unlimited Data, it will be suicidal". Well, today they've start offering UNLIMITED DATA at the price of $499 annually on ebay. I think during black Friday, they'll offer 15% discount which will bring the price down to $424.15 or $35.35/month. Overall, Red Pocket just become competitive. Your prediction turn out to be WRONG!

    3. It's actually a throttled after 20 GB plan.

      From the "Unlimited" plan's Terms and Conditions; "In order to ensure that all customers have access to reliable services at a reasonable cost, the use of more than 20GB of data during any 30 day plan cycle on the Red Pocket Unlimited plan may result in slow data speeds for the remainder of that plan cycle."

      Still a good deal, but not really an unlimited high speed data plan.

  2. Not at all interesting or competitive.

    I'd rather get the E5 Plus on Black Friday.

    1. are you talking about this black Friday 2018? how do you know what the sale will be on the e5 plus in seven months?

    2. Motos always go for cheaper from B&H and Fry's on BF.

      And for a 2 year device with universal compatibility, 3GB of RAM, a decent processor and a ginormous battery, I'd say ~$180 is a good investment so long as you can wait 6.5 months.

      Otherwise you can go for the Prime version or try to get it price matched at Best Buy.

      Personally, I just got around to setting up my G5 Plus so I'll be trying to hold out for the BF2019 E6 Plus deals.

      But if you're in the market for a phone right now, the E5 Plus is the best balance of price and performance.

      The only exception is if your budget extends up to $1k for a device that may only last a year or so given the kind of heavy usage you'd need to justify the extra horsepower.

      Or if you're just using a phone as a phone, in which case a Prime or discounted (but not locked) E5 Play would be a better purchase.

  3. Google's Project Fi is gaining three new non-Google smartphones.
    The Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ are all coming to Project Fi. You can pre-order the Moto G6 right now, and the LG G7 ThinQ and and LG V35 ThinQ will be available next month.

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