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ROK Mobile Discontinues Plans Under Verizon and Sprint

ROK Mobile has announced some important changes to its dealer program.

The MVNO, operating under the networks of AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, is no longer offering its dealer program.

In a letter sent out to its distribution partners, ROK Mobile announced that activations will only be available online and on AT&T's network.

Update 5/9/18 3:40pm EST - A ROK Mobile representative reached out and provided the following statement:

ROK Mobile continues to be available today on three of the top four wireless networks in the U.S. ROK will soon be announcing exciting news about their strategy to further differentiate their distribution approach, while launching a ground breaking device portfolio complimented with their patented ROK Life services. Customers can continue purchasing services from ROK Mobile online at www.rokmobile.com.

ROK Mobile appreciates the dedication of its dealer network over the years and will continue to support its customers online at www.rokmobile.com and through their customer service center. ROK Mobile made a decision to discontinue distributing its wireless services product in the indirect channel on Friday, May 4, 2018.

The announcement also means that all new customer activations via indirect retail channels have been discontinued by the company. This big change, however, does not affect retailers' ability to accept ROK Mobile payments; such as refills, top-ups, replenishments, and many more. The company said these will not be impacted by the restructuring. Moreover, ROK Mobile promises to continue its residual compensation program for the full tenure of each customer activated in the location of the retailer.

So what does this mean for the Verizon and Sprint customers of ROK Mobile?

Current customers are grandfathered and may opt to keep their service and current plans since dealers can still do top-ups for them.

These are the discontinued plans:

ROK YELLOW (Sprint-CDMA) Plans:
  • 4GB for $30/month (unchanged)
  • 8GB for $40/month (unchanged)
  • Unlimited for $50/month (unchanged)

ROK RED (Other CDMA) Plans:
  • 3GB for $35/month (unchanged)
  • 7GB for $45/month (unchanged)
  • 10GB for $55/month (unchanged)
  • Unlimited for $60/month (instead of the regular $75/month)

As of this writing, ROK Mobile has made the necessary changes to its website. When you open the plans page, you'll notice that the only available plans are the ones offered by AT&T:

  • $40 per month - includes unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of high-speed data
  • $60 per month - includes unlimited talk, text, and 8GB of high-speed of data

These plans also include free international calls, ROK Rewards, and a free SIM card. ROK Mobile has promised that its Family Telemedicine and Pharmacy Savings plan features are still offered by the company. 

ROK Mobile has ordered the new changes to be implemented immediately. 


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  1. Rok mobile has been really an unpredictable mvno. Once they lost their incredible unlimited Verizon $50 plan it was over.

  2. And gradually the residual damage from the Verizon Prepaid data boosts and ad campaigns, along with the waiver of the 5 Mbps data cap on Tracfone MVNOs, begins to kill off the remaining independent Verizon MVNOs...

    1. It really only seems to be Rok for now. They aren't even trying to compete with their remaining AT&T plans.

    2. While ROK may have been one of the larger non-Tracfone Verizon MVNOs, the Wikipedia list also shows:

      - Affinity Cellular
      - AF Mobile
      - Best Cellular
      - Boom Mobile
      - Credo Mobile
      - EcoMobile
      - enTouch Wireless
      - Expo Mobile
      - Flash Wireless
      - GreatCall
      - Kajeet
      - OTG Mobile
      - Proven Wireless
      - Red Pocket
      - Selectel
      - US Mobile
      - ZingPCS

      plus Comcast-Xfinity, and several of those are decently well known in the prepaid industry.

    3. Some of those have gone out of business.

  3. $40 for 4GB, is that serious? I pay $40 for 8GB, with an autopay discount, at At&t prepaid. Why would I go to ROK Mobile? the $60 plan is even more noncompetitive.

  4. Didn't Rok start out on T-Mobile? Maybe they should have stayed there.

  5. Bevisible.com looks to be an upcoming alternative for Verizon. Possibly a part of Verizon itself. $40 for 5 meg throttled service, but uncapped.

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